Should I Lease or Buy Commercial Laundry Equipment?

Generate more profits whether you lease or buy commercial laundry equipment through Commercial Laundries, Inc.

Lease or Buy Commercial Laundry EquipmentWhen it comes to deciding on whether to lease or buy commercial laundry equipment it is best to consider the benefits of both. Commercial Laundries has a variety of sale and lease options for you to consider that will fit into your proposed budget and laundry facility needs. We carry the finest commercial laundry equipment offering such noted brands as Speed Queen, Maytag and Whirlpool. Our commercial laundry equipment is durable and built to handle continuous daily use, and all of our machines are Energy Star rated to provide you with the latest technology that delivers efficient energy saving laundry solutions. You will be able to reduce waste and save on electric, gas and water usage, which translates into lower energy bills and environmental conservation.

We also offer you excellent bi-lingual customer service, along with installation, maintenance and repair services. When you partner with us we can also arrange for a free utility assessment report of your laundry facility. This report will identify problem areas regarding machine performance and also energy output, and will offer suggestions for areas that need improvement so that your machines are running at their optimal level of performance and efficiency. Whether you have an on-premise laundry facility for industrial use or for tenant use, we can help you choose the best laundry equipment for your specific needs and goals. We offer competitive prices when purchasing laundry equipment and also offer lease option programs for those who are working with a tight budget. Whether you decide to buy commercial laundry equipment from us or select a lease option, we will help you create the ideal laundry facility for your business.

When you choose to lease commercial laundry equipment through a lease option program, Commercial Laundries will provide regular maintenance of all your leased equipment for the lifetime of the lease contract. Your technician will keep your machines running at their peak performance level to produce a pleasant laundry experience while saving you money. If you own or manage a multi-rental property, your tenants will appreciate the choices you have made to create a great laundry facility. Tenant satisfaction results in tenant retention and also attracts new tenants to your property while you enjoy the extra revenue stream that your facility provides for you.

One of the many benefits of leasing commercial washers and dryers is that installation is free of charge, along with maintenance and repair services. Another added benefit is that your facility can be upgraded with all matching laundry equipment. Removing old, unsightly equipment will make the esthetics of the facility much more pleasant. A lease option requires a much smaller monetary output than purchasing equipment outright, so you can create the ideal laundry facility without all the expense and your lease payments are tax deductible.

If you decide that buying commercial laundry equipment is the right choice for your business, Commercial Laundries will equip you with the finest, competitively priced machinery. Depending on brand choices, you will receive product warranties on all your new equipment. You can choose from front or top loading machines and we also carry stackables for facilities that have a limited amount of available space. We have coin and card operated laundry machines for facilities that serve rental housing, student dormitories, condominiums, hotels, etc. Our service technicians are employed by us and attend continuing education classes to learn the latest technological advancements in the laundry industry. You technician will be able to service your machines and provide extra equipment, repairs and parts from our 15,000 square foot fully-stocked warehouse.

Commercial Laundries, Inc. is an industry leader in the great State of Florida, and it is our pleasure to help you decide if you should lease or buy commercial laundry equipment. For more information you can contact us today at 305-699-3970.