Coin Operated Washer

Coin Operated WashersConsider a coin operated washer to increase your property’s appeal

Looking for a new way to entice potential tenants and make your current tenants even more satisfied? A coin operated washer from Commercial Laundries may just be your answer. Laundry is a part of everyone’s life, and multi-housing rental properties that offer this amenity and make this an easy service to tenants tend to do better than properties that do not offer a laundry area. Let’s face it, after a long day of work, the last thing someone wants to do is haul laundry away to a far off Laundromat and spend extra time, energy and money in order to complete the process. Having an onsite laundry facility not only makes this chore easier for your tenants but also offers you the ability to generate extra revenue.

Coin operated laundry equipment come in all shapes and sizes. To get you started, one of our experienced and skilled team members will visit your location to analyze your current set up (if applicable) and your space. He or she can also offer you a free utility assessment to let you know which areas of your property need updating and may be inefficient, costing you more money. After your site is assessed for size, you can start the process of choosing which coin operated washers and dryers may be the best for your goals and for your tenants.

Coin operated washers come in a variety of options. For smaller, compact spaces, we encourage you to consider our stackable options. While these pieces of equipment are half the size of traditional equipment, they are quite powerful and very efficient. Top loaders are the more traditionally known options in commercial laundry equipment. These are heavy-duty and great for families with large laundry needs. Our front loaders are some of the latest and greatest options in commercial laundry. They are ADA compliant, made with the latest technology and are extremely efficient when it comes to water, energy, and detergent.

Once you have decided which type of commercial laundry equipment will be the best choice for your property, you can find them in our fully loaded 15,000 square foot warehouse. Plus, a coin operated washer and dryer come in both used and new versions. If buying used causes you any concerns, rest assured you are buying a top notch piece of equipment. Each used washer and dryer in our stock is fully tested by our certified, full time technicians. Plus, we only stock top name brand equipment such as SpeedQueen, Whirlpool and Maytag, so you know you are getting the best equipment made. In addition, our used equipment comes with a solid warranty, offering you even more peace of mind.

If you are concerned about how you will afford your new coin operated washer and dryer, we can also help you with that! Ask one of our team members about our affordable purchasing or leasing programs. Our leasing programs are customized to your needs and budget and can help you financially manage a new onsite laundry facility while also bringing in extra revenue.  

Trust the leaders in the commercial laundry industry when it comes to installing your new onsite facility. We have helped countless property owners, schools, hospitals, senior housing and industrial facilities implement an ideal coin operated laundry facility in their property for many decades.    

Contact Commercial Laundries today at 305-592-7990 let one of our trusted team members show you which coin operated washer and dryer options would be ideal for your needs!