Coin Operated Laundry Equipment

Coin Operated Laundry EquipmentEarn extra revenue with affordable coin operated laundry equipment

Are you ready to entice future renters and give your tenants a much needed and useful amenity? If so, consider installing coin operated laundry equipment into your multi-housing rental unit. Whether you are updating an already installed laundry facility or building one from scratch, let Commercial Laundries, the leaders in commercial laundry equipment, help you with the process. Our team members are experts in their field and have helped countless owners and managers of apartments, condominiums, dormitories, schools, senior housing, hospitals, commercial buildings and more find the ideal coin operated washers and dryers for their specific needs.

Not sure how to begin the endeavor of offering a commercial laundry area to your tenants? Not a problem when you partner with us. First, one of our skilled team members will come out to analyze your physical location for size availability, tenant demographic, needs, budget and more. He or she will explain to you which types of coin operated laundry equipment is available at Commercial Laundries and which might work best for you. For instance, you may choose stackable coin operated equipment if you are working with a small space. These heavy-duty machines are half the size of traditional laundry equipment and still get the job done. They are also quite efficient. If you are looking for more traditional laundry equipment, try our top loading machines. Reliable and the standard in commercial laundry, these machines are great for large families with hefty laundry loads.

If your tenants are environmentally conscious or need ADA compliant machinery, consider our front loading coin operated laundry equipment. Manufactured with the latest technology, these machines are extremely efficient when it comes to water, energy, and detergent. No matter which one of these types of machines you choose, you can find all of them available to you in our massive 15,000 square foot warehouse.

In addition, we also offer all of these options in both new or used varieties. Depending on your budget, Commercial Laundries will also work with you on either a purchasing plan or a leasing plan. Leasing plans make the installation of an onsite commercial laundry facility very affordable and are customized to your specific needs and budget. Plus, all of our leasing plans come with free service and repair, so you can rest assured that your machines are always going to be well taken care of when you lease coin operated laundry machines.

If you decide you would like to purchase your new or used machines, keep in mind that all of our machines come with a warranty. That’s right! Even if you choose our used coin operated laundry equipment, you will have peace knowing each washer or dryer is backed by one of our solid warranties.

Having a coin operated onsite laundry area is a great way to generate extra revenue, plus entice potential renters when they come to view your property. In fact, a recent survey states that an onsite facility lands in the top three of sought after amenities from renters. Coin operated equipment from Commercial Laundries also comes with a variety of coin vault sizes, each dependent on how busy your schedule is. Our extra large coin vaults are ideal for managers or property owners who cannot collect coins on a regular basis. Plus, they are built with the latest technology to deter tampering or theft.

If you are ready to begin the process of having your own income generating onsite laundry facility, call Commercial Laundries today at 1-855-254-WASH. New or used coin operated laundry equipment is just a call away!