Card operated laundry equipment

Card operated laundry equipmentImprove your property’s amenities with card operated laundry equipment


Traditional commercial laundry equipment has been around for many years, consisting of coin collection and using coin slides and compartments. While it has been a useful system, technology has helped bring commercial laundry to another level. For multi-housing property owners who want to upgrade their facility, entice potential renters, make bookkeeping duties easier and potentially generate additional income, card operated laundry equipment may be your ideal solution.

Card operated or Smart Card laundry systems allow building inhabitants to launder their clothes close to home without spending additional time, energy and money traveling to an outside commercial laundry facility. This amenity is considered one of the most sought after amenities from renters and those living in a multi-housing property. Card operated laundry equipment is known for being simpler to manage, safer and allows tenants an easier laundry experience, as they do not have to search for change or carry cash on them to complete the transaction.

If you have never used a Smart Card commercial laundry system, you may be wondering how it operates. To begin, card operated laundry equipment involve the use of a CleanPay Kiosk. This kiosk is deliver and installed in your onsite laundry facility, and works in conjunction with the card operated compartments installed on each commercial washer and dryer. Each occupant gets his or her own Smart Card and refills the card with a monetary amount using the CleanPay kiosk and their credit or debit card. This transaction removes the dilemma of having to carry coins or search for exact change from the laundry process. It can also make your facility safer, as it removes the aspect of occupants having to constantly carry cash on them to make a laundry transaction. Once the tenant has transferred money onto his or her Smart Card, they can swipe the card on the laundry equipment and complete a washing or drying cycle. It is that simple.

Not only is a card operated laundry equipment system easy, it also offers the opportunity for property owners to generate additional income. With more traditional coin systems, increment adjustments were very specific to coin amount, whether a nickel, dime or quarter and were extremely noticeable to tenants. With the CleanPay Kiosk and card operated laundry systems, smaller increments of just a few pennies can be added to laundry cycles that occur during busy hours, days or weeks of the year, mostly going unnoticed. Over time, this extra revenue can become a substantial amount.

Other benefits of card operated laundry equipment is the amount of time that is decreased for property owners who need to handle bookkeeping responsibilities. With no coin collection taking place, time is automatically saved.

When you partner with the leaders in the commercial laundry industry, Commercial Laundries, you can choose to have a Smart Card operated system on your choice of washers or dryers, whether they are top loadings, front loaders or stackables. Every laundry solution that is needed for your multi-housing property can be found in our stocked 15,000 square foot warehouse.

Speak to someone at Commercial Laundries today by calling 1-855-254-WASH. Card operated laundry equipment is easier to operate and more affordable than you may think. Upgrade your property today, please tenants and generate additional revenue with a state-of-the-art laundry equipment system.