Second Hand Washing Machines

Second Hand Washing Machines

Are you currently in the market for commercial laundry equipment but are not sure where to begin? Have you considered second hand washing machines to outfit your onsite commercial laundry facility? Second hand washing machines from Commercial Laundry are an affordable alternative when equipping a laundry area in your multi-housing rental property or commercial business. You can find the exact commercial laundry equipment to meet your needs in our 15,000 square foot warehouse. Our second hand washing machines can offer you a multitude of benefits. First, if you need to replace or update a few machines in your current facility, they can help you keep a uniformed look for minimal price. Second, if you are designing and installing a facility from scratch and need to stay within a specific budget, used washers and dryers are the ideal budget-conscious option. And best of all, each piece of second hand laundry equipment sold through Commercial Laundries is rigorously inspected and tested from our trained full-time technicians.

If you find yourself in need of used washers and dryers for your multi-housing rental property unit, you are most likely already aware of the expectation and desire of an onsite laundry facility from potential tenants. Not only does a recent study from The National Multi-Housing Council show renters listing an onsite laundry area in their top three of desired amenities, but almost ninety percent of renters consider it an important factor when choosing a rental property. Knowing an onsite laundry facility is such a desired amenity, it is critical to choose the right provider to outfit your property with equipment that meets the needs of both you and your tenants. At Commercial Laundries, a member from our team will analyze the area you are working with, your budget and your needs to determine which machines will work best and use your space most efficiently. When you partner with our company, you have decades of industrial and commercial laundry experience at your fingertips. We believe in building a strong relationship with our customers that involves providing excellent customer service and offering top named commercial laundry equipment such as Whirlpool, Maytag and Speed Queen.

Many people are not aware of the benefits they receive when they work with a company experienced in commercial laundry equipment, as opposed to purchasing their equipment from an antique store, garage sale or consignment. While a cheaper price may seem like a bargain, in reality it could cost you more money in the long run. Often times, you will not know the history of the piece of equipment and whether or not it is in good working order. In addition, purchasing equipment from these types of stores usually means it will not come with a warranty. Last, if the piece of equipment is made from a brand that is not well-known, it could be difficult to find replacement parts or a technician who is familiar with the manufacturer, should it need repair or maintenance.

When you buy or lease through Commercial Laundries, you know you are receiving name brand equipment, second hand washing machines that have been tested and inspected, and a warranty on every piece of equipment whether new or used.

Offer potential and current renters the amenity they are looking for by designing and installing an onsite commercial laundry area with our help.

Contact Commercial Laundries today at 305-592-7990. From second hand washing machines to brand new washers and dryers, we have every piece of equipment you need to meet the needs of your tenants and generate additional income!