Used Industrial Laundry Equipment

Used Industrial Laundry EquipmentHas the desire to offer current and potential tenants an on-site laundry facility been weighing on your mind but you aren’t sure if the project is in your budget? Do you own a company that deals with industrial sized laundry needs and are in need of affordable equipment? If so, it may be time to consider used industrial laundry equipment as an option. With Commercial Laundries’ stocked warehouse of top named, used commercial laundry equipment, installing an on-site laundry area in your property or business is faster and more affordable than you may think. Used industrial laundry equipment is the ideal choice for cost-conscious property owners who understand that offering this sought out amenity can help entice potential renters and increase renter retention. In fact, almost 90 percent of renters consider having an on-site laundry facility “very important” when searching properties, according to a recent study by The National Multi Housing Council.

Whatever the reason you are in need of industrial laundry equipment, Commercial Laundries has you covered. We have built a strong reputation in South Florida as leaders in the laundry equipment industry because of our commitment to customer service and selling reliable products. In fact, we only provide our clients with industrial laundry equipment that is made by the top names in the industry – Whirlpool, Maytag, Speed Queen, etc. When you install laundry equipment built by these names into your property or business, you know you have durable, strong, dependable washers and dryers.

Used industrial laundry equipment has many unique benefits. For starters, it is an affordable way to get a streamlined, visually appealing and useful laundry facility into your multi-housing property or business. These washers and dryers are also a great way to update any broken or failing machines you may currently own. Now that you know some of the benefits of used laundry equipment and how they can help you, you may be wondering why it is better to work with a laundry equipment company rather than purchase your used equipment elsewhere. Many of us have seen it before – a used washer or dryer at a thrift store, garage sale, antique dealer or auction. Sure, the price may be right, but be mindful of what you are truly purchasing. First, when purchasing a used commercial washer or dryer under these conditions, you have no guarantee the machine is truly in working order and what the history of the machine is. Second, often times these machines are made by unknown companies, making it difficult to do any research on the machine or find correlating parts should the machine break down. Third, your purchase will most likely not come with a warranty and will be sold “as-is.” This means, if you install the machine and it doesn’t work, you have no recourse.

When you purchase your used industrial laundry equipment from Commercial Laundries, we want you to have peace of mind knowing you are buying the best used equipment in the industry. For starters, our expert full-time technicians thoroughly inspect and verify that all of our used equipment is in top working order. If they do not pass this inspection, they are not sold to our customers. Next, we only lease or sell brand named equipment, ensuring you have top of the line washers and dryers that are known for their long-life and durability. In addition, every piece of used laundry equipment sold by Commercial Laundries comes with a limited warranty. If for any reason you ever need a repair service after the sale, our fully trained technicians will provide affordable service usually within one day of your call. Our 15,000 square-foot warehouse is stocked with machines and parts, enabling us to provide replacement pieces and accessories without delay!

So, what are you waiting for? Isn’t it time to finally install an on-site laundry facility in your multi-house property? Satisfy tenant’s needs and help generate additional revenue with used industrial laundry equipment from Commercial Laundries.

Contact Commercial Laundries today at 305-592-7990 and bring the efficiency of your business or housing property to the next level with used commercial laundry equipment.