Smart Card- and Coin-Operated Washers & Dryers

Smart Card- and Coin-Operated Washers & DryersAre you searching for quality smart card-and coin-operated washers & dryers for your South Florida rental property? Self-service laundry rooms can be a valuable addition to multifamily rental housing properties, when they are stocked with laundry equipment from a reputable provider. Whether you have an apartment building, condominium complex, student housing, senior housing, or some other multifamily rental property, opening a self-service laundry room on your premises could increase the value of your rental property by making it more attractive to new tenants and current residents while providing you with an additional revenue stream. This enhanced value can only occur if your laundry center offers a dependable and satisfying experience for your residents. At Commercial Laundries, we combine the necessary experience, knowledge, and skilled staff with our large inventory of smart card-and coin-operated washers & dryers to ensure your self-service laundry room has everything it needs to deliver the best possible laundry experience.

At Commercial Laundries, we don’t just sell quality commercial laundry equipment; we collaborate with our clients to create successful laundry room solutions.            When you are ready to open your self-service laundry room, one of our knowledgeable laundry experts will examine the premises of your rental property to help you determine the best location for your laundry room solution. After analyzing your time management requirements, your residents’ laundry needs, and their financial situation, our representative will assist you in choosing the laundry equipment payment system that will be the best fit for your particular laundry room solution.

If the majority of your rental property tenants fit in the lowest income brackets, Commercial Laundries’ coin-operated laundry equipment may be your best choice. The budget restrictions these residents face may make them reluctant to use laundry smart cards that tie up their cash; instead, they would prefer to deal with coins that they can redirect for other purposes if needed. However, coin-operated washers and dryers will require a considerable time commitment from you on a weekly basis, since you will need to regularly collect, count, and transport the coins generated to deposit them in your financial institution.

The smart card-operated washers and dryers offered by Commercial Laundries are ideal if you are a busy property manager who is constantly on the go, since they offer a cashless convenience that frees you from coin collection duties. Instead, payments are all handled electronically; your tenants put value on smartcards using cash and/or debit/credit cards at a CleanPay kiosk in your laundry room, then pay for laundry cycles with a swipe of their cards. Smart card laundry technology also reduces the  time investment needed for laundry room administrative duties, since the kiosk provides a clear audit trail that makes bookkeeping chores a breeze.

As the largest family owned laundry equipment provider in South Florida, Commercial Laundries has assembled a large inventory of new and used commercial laundry equipment  that is second to none. All of our commercial laundry machines are manufactured by the brands you recognize and trust: Whirlpool, Maytag, and Speed Queen. Since we only carry laundry equipment from the most reputable brands in the industry, all of our washers and dryers are protected by warranty: our used equipment is protected by a limited warranty; our new Speed Queen and Whirlpool laundry equipment comes with a 3 yr. warranty; and our new Maytag laundry equipment comes with a full 5 yr. warranty.

Commercial Laundries has a long history of working to make self-service laundry room ownership an affordable option for virtually all South Florida rental property owners. Ask about our competitive pricing and flexible financing plans – they have helped thousands of South Florida property owners like you open a successful self-service laundry room solution!

Contact Commercial Laundries today at 305-592-7990 for quality card and coin operated washers & dryers from laundry room experts ready to design your ideal self-service laundry solution!