Coin Operated Laundry Equipment

Laundry EquipmentIf you are looking for a way to increase profits at your rental property, condominium complex, hotel, or other multi-housing property, opening a self-service coin operated laundry room could be the ideal solution! The first step in opening a coin operated laundry room is finding the commercial laundry equipment that best suits your needs. When choosing commercial coin operated laundry equipment, be certain the equipment is sturdy enough to stand up to heavy use and perform flawlessly day after day; that the washers and dryers are from brands you recognize and trust; and that they are loaded with features that will help your laundry room operate profitably. When comparing coin operated laundry equipment, consider the following criteria:

Coin Operated Laundry Machine Features: Look for innovative coin operated laundry machine features that will reap tangible benefits for your business, such as:

  • Adjustable Load Prices: Some coin operated washers allow you to adjust the price per load so you can set the price you choose. Some models even let you set different prices according to time of day, week, etc. for the greatest degree of control.
  • Higher Capacity Coin Vaults: Allow you to  collect machines less frequently.

Speed: While speed is a primary concern of multi-housing property owners, some of the faster coin operated laundry machines use less energy and can increase customer satisfaction.

Capacity: Coin laundry machines with higher tub or drum capacities that will allow customers to complete their wash with a minimum number of loads, but these machines will take up more room. You will need to balance capacity with the amount of space available in your laundry room.

Energy-efficiency: Look for energy-efficient coin operated washers and dryers that have low long-term operational costs, as they will greatly increase the profitability of your laundry room.

Reliability: Choosing coin operated laundry equipment from a reputable commercial manufacturer is the best way to ensure you are getting reliable machines that will perform well without constantly needing expensive repairs.

Security: Self-service laundry rooms can become the target of thieves attracted by the lack of on-site supervision, so protect yourself by making sure your laundry equipment’s coin boxes are attached firmly. Some of the older coin operated laundry equipment can suffer from vulnerabilities that allow users to pay with slugs or lower-valued foreign coins in place of legitimate currency or even activate the machines without inserting any coins at all. Make sure you choose coin operated washers and dryers that feature tamper-proof functionality to ensure your customers pay for all the wash and dry cycles they receive.

Service: Since even the best coin operated laundry machines will need some maintenance, make sure you purchase or lease your equipment from a company that provides experienced, professional technicians that can perform any needed maintenance and services.

For more than 45 years, Commercial Laundries has specialized in selling, leasing, and servicing new and used commercial coin washers and dryers from the most reputable brands in the business. Our expert representatives can help you determine the best coin operated laundry equipment and best purchasing options for your facility.

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