Why Choose A Smart Washer and Dryer?

July 20, 2022 | Categories: Smart Laundry , Uncategorized

Why Choose A Smart Washer and Dryer

If you haven’t embraced the smart appliance trend, you might want to consider built-in WiFi appliances, especially smart washers and dryers. While cost is typically a factor for buyers, the advantages associated with smart laundry machines make them a worthy investment whether you’re shopping for a multifamily housing property.

  Energy-Efficient Operation

Leading manufacturers of washer or dryer equipment know how important energy efficiency and Energy Star ratings are today amongst shoppers. Manufacturers like Maytag and Speed Queen are developing smart washers and dryers that operate with improved emergency efficiency. Customers can use their smartphone to adjust their smart laundry appliances, choosing from more cycle options, soil levels, and other smart feature options designed to help conserve energy and water.


Today’s consumers love smart laundry appliances because they can be easily operated with voice commands. For instance, you can tell your smart washer to shorten wash cycles, start, or stop at a certain time. If you’re purchasing smart washer and dryer combos for a laundry facility like an apartment complex laundry center, you can easily monitor your smart washer and dryers. At any given time, you can use the machine’s laundry app to find out how much it has earned in a day or how many wash cycles it’s been through. The machines’ digital payment system makes money transfers easy too. Customers won’t need to save their coins to use on-premises washing machines and dryers.

  Washing Machines and Dryers: Lots of Smart Options

Manufacturers like Speed Queen are producing a wide range of laundry appliances to accommodate customers’ diverse needs. You can find anything from a front load washing machine to a top loading super speed washer. You can find smart top loading washing machines with custom cycles or an electric dryer with steam function. Choose a smart washer and dryer set or save space for washer dryer stack combos for compact rooms. A smart washer and dryer set will add tremendous functionality and customization to your laundry facility.

  Here to Stay

Coin-operated washing machines and electric dryers can still be found in commercial laundry facilities, but coin slides are becoming a thing of the past. Consumers look for facilities that offer smart card-enabled stackable washers and dryers. If you’re planning to invest with Commercial Laundries, you could ensure your customer’s top performance and service needs. Customers want laundry equipment with smart feature capabilities. You can even market your smart washing machines and dryers to attract more customers to your laundry facilities.

Be sure to consider the terrific functionality that a smart top-load washer and electric dryer can offer you or your on-premise laundry facility. If you prefer not to purchase new laundry equipment outright, consider a leasing agreement that includes laundry equipment maintenance for improved convenience. Call Commercial Laundries today at 1.855.254.9274 to get a FREE quote.

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