What to Do When Your Washing Machine Stops Spinning

March 22, 2022 | Categories: Commercial Laundry Maintenance & Repair , Orlando

What to Do When Your Washing Machine Stops Spinning

The spin feature on your commercial laundry washer is its core function. The spinning of the drum fills and drains the water throughout each cycle, a key function in washing your clothes properly. When you are faced with soaked clothes after a cycle, it is time to call a repair expert. Your laundry equipment requires routine maintenance and service to maintain its performance.

Partner with Commercial Laundries Orlando for your laundry repair needs. We position our highly trained technicians in Orlando and the surrounding regions of Florida for fast and reliable service. Our team members understand the unique needs of each client and their property type. We are committed to speedy repair services to ensure little to no downtime in the operation of your laundry facility.

My Commercial Washing Machine Won’t Spin, What Should I Do?

Don’t panic! Problems occurring with your commercial laundry equipment are inevitable over time. The first step to take when your top load or front load washing machine stops spinning is to remove all clothing from the drum. Often time when the spin cycle stops, the draining cycle will not occur. If the drum of your washing machine is filled with water, this indicates that you need repair service right away.

As the leading company in commercial laundry repair Orlando, Commercial Laundries is available for same and next day service. With our fast response time and ability to service any manufacturer’s equipment, we look forward to helping you restore your laundry facility to full operation. We work with top laundry manufacturers like Whirlpool, Maytag, and Speed Queen. We also service top load and front load washing machines. Don’t get frustrated with your commercial laundry equipment, we are here to help!

Reasons Your Washing Machine Stops Spinning

Here are common reasons why your commercial washing machine may have stopped spinning:

Your Washing Machine Is Too Full: Overstuffing your washing machine will prevent your cycle from spinning. If you own a smart commercial washer, a sensor will indicate that your machine is too full. For older coin operated washing machines, your drum filling with water is a sign that your machine is too full.

Your Load Is Unbalanced: Washing items like shoes and comforters may be heavy for your laundry machine. This can cause your load to be unbalanced and not spin. In some cases, you can troubleshoot this issue by shifting items around. If the issue persists, contact our team for commercial laundry repair Orlando.

Your Machine Has Poor Drainage: Your washing machine will not go through the spin cycle if the drum is filled with water. The most common cause of drain problems is a kinked or clogged drainage hose. Don’t take the DIY route, contact Commercial Laundries Orlando for fast laundry repair services. All of our service vehicles come equipped with parts for all commercial machine models.

Reliable Laundry Equipment Technicians in Orlando

Our expert and knowledgeable technicians are one way we provide Orlando area laundry facilities with top-tier customer service. In order to keep our technicians up to date on the latest technology and equipment, we provide them with ongoing education and certification courses.

Our management team provides small repairs and maintenance to larger jobs such as outfitting and installing your onsite commercial laundry facility. We work with new and used washers and dryers.

How Commercial Laundries Orlando Laundry Services Can Help You

Commercial Laundries Orlando offers laundry room owners customizable service maintenance packages that fit their needs. You can rely on our trained team for quick response times to requests in order to decrease downtime. Packages also include helping run commercial laundry facility operations. This is ideal for managers who don’t want to deal with daily responsibilities. With our management team in place, your laundry facility will remain profitable with laundry equipment running at peak performance year round.

Need Commercial Laundry Repair Today?

Don’t lose money with a washing machine that won’t spin. At Commercial Laundries Orlando, we understand how important it is for your business to have effective, dependable equipment. Contact our management team directly through our website contact form or at 407-986-1410 regarding service or repair issues. We look forward to serving you!

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