What Are the 10 Steps of Laundry?

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Laundry: A Never-ending Chore for Everyone

Doing laundry is a chore that we all have to do but the truth is, it often feels like a never-ending chore that is far from enjoyable. The process of completing laundry can feel daunting, Having to sort your clothes into loads to wash, put them through the appropriate wash cycles, dry, fold, and put them away. This cycle continues every week and can feel monotonous.  While there is no avoiding laundry, the evolution of laundry machines and processes to complete laundry has made completing laundry a more uncomplicated chore to complete without half of the hassle it once caused. 

The key to making laundry an enjoyable chore is to set in place processes that will help to minimize any unnecessary work and optimize your time. Washing machines and dryers have new models that offer features that increase the productivity of the cycle. Along with top-quality machines, detergents and laundry soaps have developed into new formulas that offer fast-acting stain removers and the ability to freshen the colors and increase the fresh, vibrant look of your clothing. By establishing a set process of completing laundry that is focused on high productivity, efficiency, and top-quality cleaning, you will be able to complete laundry with ease and it may also become your most enjoyable chore.

The 10 Steps of Laundry 

Laundry is a chore that everyone has to learn and complete in their life. Once you establish a system for your laundry it becomes an easy chore to complete that you don’t have to dread doing. Understanding the necessary steps of laundry will make it easy for you to get started and complete your laundry. 

The following are steps that you can take that will make your laundry experience simple, easy, and enjoyable: 

  • Before beginning any laundry, it is important that you review all the clothing labels. All care labels on clothing provide detailed instructions on how to effectively wash the clothing. Labels will provide instructions on if your clothing can be machine washed or not. If it is able to be machine washed, there will be specific instructions about the type of laundry cycle that you should wash it in such as cold water cycles or warm water cycles. Along with washing instructions, there are specific drying instructions including if your clothing will need to dry clean, or dried on low or high heat. These instructions will ensure that your clothing maintains its appearance and will last longer for you. 
  • Sorting your laundry by the color- Before starting any loads of laundry, you want to sort each load by color. Put colored fabrics together, whites in another load, and dark colors in a separate load. Sorting by color helps to prevent any dye from colors from staining other articles of clothing. Heavily soiled items will need to be in a load by themselves to prevent damaging other items of clothing. 
  • Sort your loads again by fabric type. Placing towels or linens in separate loads and specific clothing fabrics together is essential for choosing the appropriate setting on the washing machine. Washing different fabric types in separate loads, it allows you to choose the right water temperature for that specific fabric that will maintain the integrity of the apparel and avoid fraying or damage to the article of clothing or linen. If you do not have enough articles of clothing or linen to make a full load of laundry, it is okay to mix the colors together in one load but place the setting on delicate to ensure you are adhering to the specific washing instructions for all articles of clothing or linen. 
  • Apply stain remover if needed. It is no secret that our clothing or linens can incur soil stains or stains from food or beverages. We have all had those mornings where we spilled coffee on our shirts while we were rushing to work. To bring back the vibrant colors of your clothing, applying stain remover to the soiled spot will ensure that your clothing comes out clean and fresh for the next year and is free of yesterday’s stains. 
  • Select the appropriate detergent. Most laundry cycles can handle an all-purpose laundry detergent. If you have sensitive skin or allergies, there are specific detergents that are mindful of your specific sensitivity needs. Once you have selected your detergent, follow the instructions on the detergent bottle to determine the amount to use for the size of your load of laundry. Once you have selected your detergent, place it into the washing machine’s detergent slot. 
  • Pick the right water temperature and cycle. If your clothing is free of heavily soiled stains, a cold water temperature will suffice to provide optimal cleaning. If there are stains or they are heavily soiled, a hot water temperature is needed to support efficient cleaning and disinfecting.  Hot water temperature is required for cotton underwear, bedding, and towels to help remove any body oil that is present and sanitize them properly. A normal cycle on the washing machine is ideal for most loads. A delicate cycle is good for some fabrics as required and a heavy load is intended for jeans and towels. 
  • Load the washer. You are now ready to put your load of laundry into the washing machine. Ensure that the washing machine isn’t too full as it will not be able to run an efficient spin cycle if it is too full. 
  • Unload the washing machine. Once your washing cycle is complete, you unload your clothes or apparel from the washing machine. Take the clothing out immediately to prevent any wrinkling of clothing. Place in the dryer immediately or hang to dry to avoid any mildew from happening. 
  • Load the dryer. Place clothing in the dryer. You want to make sure that you are placing all lightweight items and heavyweight items in separate loads to choose the appropriate drying cycle for each type of clothing and fabric. This helps to prevent any shrinking or damage done to the clothing or fabrics. 
  • Hang or fold your clothes. Once your clothes or linens are complete, fold your clothes and hang items that need to be on hangers right away. This helps to reduce any unnecessary wrinkling and maintain the appearance and integrity of your clothing. 

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