Why Washer Dryer Combos are Ideal for your Apartment Complex

Get the best of two machines for your multi-housing complex with Commercial Laundries’ all-in-one washer dryer combo.  Save a step with our combo units, where you can wash and dry clothes all in the same machine.

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Technology is constantly changing and improving and the same can be said for washers and dryers.  Get the convenience and space-saving ability of an all-in-one machine.  These innovative machines have come a long way from their first introduction to the market in the early 1950s and they now have the power to wash clothing just as well as a single washing unit.  They are sleek and offer many of the same great functions like any other leading model.  Here at Commercial Laundries Miami, we have exceptional combo units that would be a great addition to your commercial laundry room.  Discover the advantages of washer dryer combos for your multi-housing apartment complex.

All-in-One Commercial Washer Dryer Combo

There are many reasons to choose a washer dryer combo with its many benefits.  These machines use the same washing action as front-loading machines which consume less water and are energy efficient. Let’s go over just a few of their advantages and then we can focus on the outstanding specifications of the equipment available at Commercial Laundries.


  • First off, washer dryer combos allow you to save on space.  These units naturally only take up half the space, allowing you to fit twice as many machines in your communal laundry room.  If you have limited square footage available or you want to fit double the number of machines, these are a great fit for you and your laundry room.
  • When choosing washer dryer combos to outfit your onsite communal laundry amenity you do not want to compromise efficiency.  Rest assured, that with our units, washing performance is up to par with traditional washing machines. 
  • Saving and conserving energy and your money will not be an issue.  Purchasing and operating combo units is nearly the same cost as one single unit.  Meaning you will save money not having to buy both a washer and dryer and they don’t consume any more energy than your traditional equipment.
  • Just because the combo units are two machines in one doesn’t mean you have to use both functions.  Users have the choice of many different settings and controls which means one can decide to use the washer function alone all by itself or the dryer function.  It is up to the user.

Features and Specifications

All-in-one washer dryer combo units are just as powerful and efficient as side-by-side machines or stackable options.  Our all-in-one machines would be a great benefit to your apartment complex.

  • All our machines are Energy Star certified, ensuring machines are designed and engineered to operate using less water and energy.  With Energy Star certified equipment, you will see immediate savings in your utility bills.
  • All washer dryer combo machines have digital displays and offer a multitude of cycles, temperature and drying options.  You and your tenants will not be short-changed when it comes to the functions of our combo units.
  • Washers are engineered with stainless steel or porcelain wash tubs that are durable and can withstand constant and daily use.  These features are gentler and protect clothing from damage.  Equipped with advanced agitation systems that are gentle on clothing but tough on dirt.  Clothing comes out clean and intact.
  • Washers feature advanced spin cycles that extract more water and moisture, requiring less drying time and lower energy consumption.
  • All washer and dryer combos are ADA compliant, designed to serve your tenants with disabilities.

For the ultimate laundry convenience, consider our all-in-one washer dryer combo equipment.  Contact Commercial Laundries Miami at  (305) 699-3956, where we can help you decide what is the best option for your apartment complex and your budget.

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