Used Laundry Equipment for Sale Orlando

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Used Laundry Equipment for Sale Orlando

Used commercial washing machines are a great investment and a wise way to save significantly on upfront costs and stay within budget.

Purchasing commercial laundry equipment for your on-premise laundry facility doesn’t have to be costly.  In fact, when you work with a reputable laundry distributor, you can get affordable commercial washer and dryer prices on used equipment that operates like new.  Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando, we have refurbished coin and card operated commercial laundry equipment that will transform your laundry business and keep you well within your budget.  Choose from our top-rated Maytag, Whirlpool, and Speed Queen washers and give your residents a dependable laundry amenity they desire.

Advantages of Used Commercial Washing Machines

Used commercial laundry equipment comes with many perks considering price and sustainability.  Whether you own or manage multi housing complexes, academic dormitories, hotels, or mobile home parks, your property can benefit from used commercial washers and dryers and the support of a dependable laundry company.

Why You Should Buy Used Laundry Equipment for Sale in Orlando from Commercial Laundries

There are many reasons to choose refurbished equipment for your laundry amenity.  The top reason is affordable commercial washer and dryer prices, but also sustainability.  Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando, we have an environmental commitment to making our world a better place by reducing our global footprint.  By servicing and refurbishing used equipment, we are able to keep washers and dryers out of landfills and make equipment affordable for everyone.

‘Like New’ Quality Equipment You Can Depend On

No matter the type of laundry industry you own or operate, you know that your equipment is going to receive some pretty tough treatment.  Why go for new equipment when you know the beating your equipment will take?  With our used commercial laundry equipment for sale in Orlando, you will have a tough time identifying used versus new machines in terms of performance.  All our pre-owned washers and dryers have been carefully serviced and repaired to operate ‘like new’.

Expert Technicians and Care

With the skills and expertise of our management team and technicians, we can guarantee our used laundry equipment is up to par with your high expectations.  Each of our used front and top loading washers and dryers have been skillfully treated and tested to make sure they are working optimally.  All our used machines are from our trusted manufacturers, Maytag, Whirlpool, and Speed Queen, ensuring they have been constructed to last for many years.  And with our technicians’ experience, all machines have been sustainably refurbished and serviced with commercial-grade parts to operate for years to come.

Affordable Commercial Washer and Dryer Prices

The best thing about used commercial dryers and washers is the affordable price tag.  Outfitting your entire laundry system with new machines would be expensive, but with used commercial washer and dryer prices, you could start or transform your facility at a fraction of the cost.  All our used machines are available in front and top load washer dryer models or commercial stack washer and dryer units.

Professional Support and Services

When you purchase used laundry equipment for sale in Orlando from us, you can rest assured you and your laundry business are in good hands.  Not only are our machines guaranteed and under warranty, but we also have dependable laundry services to keep your facility successful.  With our same-day or next-day repair response time, your machines will always be taken care of efficiently.  And for even greater protection we have a comprehensive service and maintenance program that will assist with all the upkeep of your machines for peace of mind and a weight off your shoulders.

Get Reliable Used Commercial Washing Machines Locally from Commercial Laundries Orlando

You want dependable coin and card operated laundry machines for your laundry business at a fair and manageable price.  Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando, we can offer you that and so much more.  Click here to get an equipment overview and give us a call at, (407) 986-1410 to hear more about our used laundry equipment for sale in Orlando.

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