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March 24, 2015 | Categories: Used Commercial Laundry Equipment

Used Commercial Washers and DryersMany tenants depend on property owners to provide access to a dependable laundry facility in order to get their clothing clean without a trip off-site. In fact, providing a laundry facility can help entice future renters as well as increase tenant retention. If you have been considering the installation of a laundry facility in your property, but are working on a budget, have you thought about installing used commercial washers and dryers? Top quality used commercial laundry equipment is the perfect option for budget-conscious property owners or shrewd entrepreneurs. If you have an existing laundry room, used laundry equipment is the ideal option to replace old or broken machines; if you are planning a new laundry room, these machines are an affordable option and can create a uniform and appealing look.

We understand you want to add value to your property, generate revenue and use reliable equipment that can keep up with the demands of your tenants – this is why it is important to use a reputable provider when purchasing used commercial washers and dryers. With Commercial Laundries, we know firsthand that not all used laundry equipment is the same. We have seen many property owners purchase equipment from dodgy providers only to wind up with broken, poor quality machines that leave them with a financial mess and massive repair bills. Do not let this happen to you – here are a few tips to consider when you begin your search for used commercial washers and dryers:

  1. Search for Brand Names – Often times, when an item is purchased from an unrecognizable source or brand name, it is hard to distinguish the workmanship that went into the product and its reliability. Off-brand names can be difficult to research and determine the longevity and efficiency of the product. When you collaborate with Commercial Laundries, your used commercial laundry equipment will come from brand names such as Whirlpool, Speed Queen and Maytag. These products have long-standing, respected names known for their reliability and power.
  2. Use a Trustworthy Provider – If you work with an unreliable or unknown provider, you run the risk of purchasing machines that aren’t working properly, have been improperly refurbished, etc. This can in turn end with you having a laundry facility that is not in working order, in need of repairs and costing you thousands of dollars out of pocket with no recourse. With Commercial Laundries, all of our preowned washers and dryers are reviewed and verified by skilled technicians to be in top working order, otherwise they are not offered to any of our customers. Ask About the Warranty – If you take the chance of purchasing used laundry equipment from a thrift store, used furniture dealer or antiques dealer, you run the risk of buying nonworking equipment that is sold “as-is,” with no warranty or guarantee. Not only is all used laundry equipment sold by Commercial Laundries vigorously tested, it is covered by a limited warranty. We want you to rest assured your equipment is in top working condition when it is installed in your property’s laundry facility.
  3. Consider Repairs – If you have taken the risk to purchase your used laundry equipment from a thrift store, etc., you understand any repairs in the future are not only costly but can be impossible to perform if the brand is unknown or no longer available. Commercial Laundries offers all clients affordable laundry equipment repair service, often times within one day of your service call. Our facility spans over 15,000 square feet of stocked inventory, enabling us to have the accessories and parts needed for your used equipment repair.

Our goal at Commercial Laundries is to help you create the laundry facility you have always envisioned for your property. Ask about our wide selection of used top loading laundry machines, energy-efficient front loaders, and stackable washers and dryers for those tight on space.

Contact us today at Commercial Laundries – 305-592-7990. We have affordable used commercial washers and dryers that will help you generate profit and make your tenants happy!

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