How To Find The Best Used Commercial Washers and Dryers in Fort Myers

November 29, 2021 | Categories: fort myers , Used Commercial Laundry Equipment

How To Find The Best Used Commercial Washers and Dryers in Fort Myers

Benefit from quality equipment and save big when you purchase used laundry equipment in Fort Myers from your neighborhood commercial laundry supplier.

Owning your equipment comes with great advantages and autonomy, but often with a big price tag.  When you are updating or starting an onsite laundry facility, it doesn’t always have to cost an arm and a leg.  Aside from purchasing new or leasing your equipment, you also have the option to buy refurbished machines when you work with a trustworthy, established provider.  Get dependable washers and dryers and stay within budget with used commercial laundry equipment.  Here at Commercial Laundries Fort Myers, we have robust used washers and dryers, serviced, and repaired to operate like new.

What are the benefits of refurbished equipment?

When making any purchases for your property, you have a budget to follow and stick to.  You don’t want to waste your funds on anything less than superior, but we know you are still looking for a good deal.  Used commercial washers and dryers are a great route to go in to save a bundle and still get your hands on top-quality equipment.  Here are a few tips to finding the very best used laundry equipment near Fort Myers.

Find a trustworthy distributor that refurbishes their used washers and dryers to operate like new.

Purchasing your used machines from a reputable commercial laundry company will give you peace of mind and access to reliable equipment.  We know that some people are hesitant when they hear something is secondhand or used.  But rest assured, when you purchase your used laundry equipment in Fort Myers from us, you are getting reliable machines that still have a lot of good years ahead of them.  With nearly five decades of experience and our unparallel reputation under our belt, you can feel confident when purchasing refurbished washers and dryers from Commercial Laundries Fort Myers. 

Choose used commercial laundry equipment from well-known and trusted manufactures.

There are many producers of commercial laundry equipment out there, but you want to be certain you are purchasing machines from a company that has the experience and expertise to construct products built to last.  Here at Commercial Laundries Orlando, all our coin and card-operated equipment is from world-renowned manufacturers, Maytag, Whirlpool, and Speed Queen, known for their durable and innovative products.  Sure to outlast their competitors, machines from these companies are built to last.

Get used washers and dryers that are guaranteed to operate like new.

Commercial Laundries Fort Myers has the quality you can depend on.  And when it comes to our used washers and dryers, you can count on their quality and durability.  All our pre-owned machines have been thoroughly inspected and serviced with factory-grade parts to ensure they stand up to our high standards.  After rigorous testing, we are confident that our washers and dryers will operate like new.

Discover affordable and dependable used laundry equipment in Fort Myers from Commercial Laundries.

Used commercial laundry equipment is great for your wallet and an excellent addition to your laundry amenity.  Get the best prices and most affordable washers and dryers with us at Commercial Laundries Fort Myers.  For even more peace of mind, enroll in our service and maintenance program to take care of your used commercial laundry equipment and extend its longevity.  Our technicians will take care of your used laundry equipment near Fort Myers and help your facility be a successful one.

To get the most affordable and dependable used laundry equipment near Fort Myers, give us a call today at, (239) 307-0623.

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