Used Coin Operated Washers and Dryers for Sale

Used Coin Operated Washers and Dryers for SaleIs the price of new coin operated laundry equipment keeping you from opening a coin operated self-service laundry room at your multifamily rental property?  The financial challenges you face as a rental property owner in South Florida may make the choice to conserve your capital seem like your best option, but your frugality is causing you to miss out on all the benefits that a coin operated laundry room would provide. The various benefits you would gain, such as a higher lease retention rate, heightened new tenant appeal, and an organic additional revenue stream, would actually improve your financial position. Commercial Laundries’ used coin operated laundry equipment gives you the way to have it all; we offer quality  used coin operated washers and dryers for sale at a significantly lower price than you would normally pay for new machines, allowing you to gain all the benefits that coin operated laundry rooms provide while still maintaining a prudent financial reserve.

In the quest for affordable laundry equipment, property owners may be tempted to purchase inexpensive new commercial washers and dryers that were manufactured by unfamiliar companies with unknown quality standards. These unfortunate owners can end up with substandard laundry equipment that leaves them in a vulnerable position, facing dissatisfied tenants and mounting repair bills that will deplete their cash reserves. All of the used commercial washers and dryers that Commercial Laundries carries were made by the most respected names in the business: Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool. When you purchase used coin op washers and dryers from Commercial Laundries, you have the confidence of knowing you are getting quality commercial laundry equipment from the best brands.

Our trained technicians test each of our used washers and dryers to make sure they are in working condition before we offer the equipment for sale. Since we know the laundry equipment we sell comes from the best brands with established reputations for building reliable machines, we gladly provide a limited warranty on all of our used washers and dryers. To help ensure that your coin operated laundry equipment provides reliable service for years to come, Commercial Laundries has a staff of full-time trained and insured technicians who are dedicated to providing affordable commercial laundry equipment repair service, ready and able to perform any repair or maintenance service you need, often within a day of your service call.

Commercial Laundries’ extensive inventory of used coin operated laundry equipment will allow you to create the self-service laundry room of your dreams. Choose the models that best suit your tenants’ laundry needs – we offer durable, top load laundry machines that can stand up to heavy, constant use by inexperienced launderers; energy-efficient front load washers and dryers that appeal to today’s ecologically-aware young tenants and office professionals; and space-saving stack dryers that turn the smallest spaces into profitable real estate. Our used coin operated laundry equipment is so affordable, you can stock your self-service laundry room solution with enough washers and dryers to avoid the bottlenecks and dissatisfied tenants that occur with under-supplied laundry rooms.

When you purchase used commercial laundry equipment from Commercial Laundries, you have the peace of mind that comes from dealing with a reputable company with a 45-year long history of honorable dealings with South Florida businesses. As the largest family owned laundry equipment provider in South Florida, we have helped thousands of property owners increase their revenue with a profitable laundry room solution.

Contact Commercial Laundries today at 305-592-7990 for the affordable used coin operated washers and dryers that will allow you to open a profitable self-service laundry room solution!

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