Things to Know Before Buying New Commercial Laundry Equipment

Things to Know Before Buying New Commercial Laundry Equipment

There is an incredible variety of options to consider when you are investing in laundromats, starting a laundry business, or considering laundry installation in your multi-family housing complex, apartment building, hotels, or gyms. Here are a few things you want to know before buying:

  Pros and Cons of Different Industrial Laundry Machine Features

➔ Front Control Front Load Washer:

Front-load washing machines are more energy-efficient, as gravity and friction are put to use as clothes tumble around, using less water and energy. The water also drains out of the laundry machine easier in a front load washing machine, making dry times quicker.

➔ Commercial Stack Washer-Dryer Set:

A commercial stack washer and dryer set take up less space than side-by-side models. Stack washer-dryer sets have a front load dryer and a front load washer, with better overall energy efficiency. You can easily hide stack dryers and washers in a closet or other small space, especially convenient for those who do not live in a home with a dedicated laundry room.

➔ Commercial Top Load Washer:

Top load washing machines are generally less expensive than front-load laundry machines. They are usually bigger and can run fewer cycles to get large amounts of laundry clean quicker. A top-load washer will usually make less noise during the spin cycle, and they are ergonomically friendly as you do not need to bend down to transfer your laundry to the dryer, like you would with a front-load washer.

➔ Electric Dryers vs. Gas Dryers:

Electric dryers are easier to install with relatively low maintenance and usually have low repair costs. Gas dryers could be more affordable in the long-run, and they can dry loads in about half the time of an electric dryer. Additionally,  because they dissipate heat faster, they can help to keep clothes from wrinkling.

➔ Coin Operated Laundry Equipment:

Coin operated laundry equipment (washers and dryers with coin slides) is well-known and understood by customers, as this technology has been around for decades. Using coin operated equipment will allow you to avoid the credit and debit processing fees that come with card operated machinery.

➔ Card Operated Laundry Machines:

When you buy commercial laundry equipment that has a card payment system, you will not need to collect, count, roll and deposit coins at the bank. The card systems will keep track of transactions which will make bookkeeping easier. There is less chance of tampering and theft with card payment commercial washers and dryers as well. You may even be able to keep an eye on profits and machine use from home or the office with online and mobile banking.

➔ Laundry App Operated Equipment:

Laundry app payment systems will enhance the customer experience as they can customize their cycles and pay online from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. As a business owner, with app operated laundry equipment you will be able to monitor not only the financial aspect of your business but also the energy and water usage, error messages, and maintenance schedules. App-Operated systems may also appeal to younger crowds when choosing a facility to wash their laundry at.

There are also some things you want to look for when purchasing commercial equipment like a washing machine and dryer set for your laundromat business, including:

● Environmental Impact and Efficiency – The better your commercial laundry machines score on environmental ratings, the more money you will save in the long-run. Plus, you can feel better about your business’s ecological footprint.

● Revenue It Will Generate – You are not purchasing commercial washing machines for the fun of it! You are doing so to make money. The more efficient your machines are, the more customers you can have in a day.

● Cubic Feet of Space They Take Up – Industrial laundry equipment is not small, and the more on-premise laundry machines you can fit in your business, the more customers you can have at once. Considering the size of your machines is very important.

● Costs of Repairs and Maintenance of Your Laundry Systems – You don’t want to worry about how much a future repair on your commercial washer is going to cost you, so it is important to purchase or lease from a company that guarantees their washing machines and offers services with maintenance contracts.

If you are considering laundromat ownership, contact Commercial Laundries today. We carry coin and card operated commercial washing machines and dryers, app-controlled machines, in all styles and sizes from brand names you can trust like Speed Queen, Maytag, and Whirlpool. Our knowledgeable sales team will get you the best financing option available for your business, with maintenance and repair throughout the duration of all lease contracts. We can help you choose the best commercial washing machines and dryers for your business as soon as possible, so you can start earning profits right away.

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