The Top Washing Machine Brands of 2021

June 2, 2021 | Categories: Commercial Laundry Machines and Equipment

The Top Washing Machine Brands of 2021- Commercial Laundries

Purchase or lease the best commercial washing machines from our top brands of 2021 to get dependable equipment from a reliable company.

What does it take to be one of the top washing machine brands?  To us, it means that their customers can count on them and their products to be the best that they can be.  We can depend on them to produce robust equipment that will deliver on performance and longevity.  They are a company we can invest in, by investing in their products.  Here at Commercial Laundries, we have compiled a short list of our top commercial washing machine brands of 2021 and what they have to offer, to help you, the consumer, decide for yourself.

The Best Commercial Washing Machine Brands of 2021

Our top picks for the top commercial washing machine brands of 2021 are American companies, Maytag, Whirlpool, and Speed Queen.  With over three centuries worth of combined skill and expertise, these are the manufactures to look out for and trust.  Known for their impressive reputation, innovative equipment, and durable products, their machines are sure to add value to your laundry amenity and prove to be wise investments.


Throughout its history, Maytag has put great efforts into research and development in providing machines that produce the cleanest laundry outcome and satisfaction to their customers.  With their advanced equipment and high-performance features, they are able to do just that, making them one of our top washing machine brands.

  •       Maytag’s PowerWash cycle is intended to tackle tough stains and remove dirt and grime.
  •       For even more stain-fighting strength, Maytag’s ExtraPower cycle alternates between cold and warm water rinses for ultimate removal.
  •       Their FreshHold cycle is activated after a completed wash to releases bursts of steam to keep clothing fresh and guarded against musty odors.
  •       For a customizable laundry experience, users have the option of using their flexible settings to adjust water levels, temperatures, rinse cycles, and spin speeds.


One of the most well-known names for appliances would have to be Whirlpool and for good reason.  As some of the first energy-efficient machines to come to market, they have made many advancements in their eco-friendly features.  Their dedication to innovation and sustainability is what has earned them a spot on our list of top commercial washing machine brands of 2021.

  •       Their best commercial washing machines have advanced sensors that detect the laundry load size to adjust water level and spin speed to reduce water consumption and energy.
  •       Whirlpool’s energy-efficient elements are some of the most environmentally conscious machines, surpassing the government’s standards by 20.
  •       Their sanitizing cycle kills 99.9 percent of bacteria, giving users peace of mind and cleaner garments.
  •       To keep laundry fresh until it can be removed, the FanFresh cycle circulates air for up to 12 hours.

Speed Queen

For sophistication and innovative features, Speed Queen hits the nail on the head, with its Quantum controls and advanced technology.  For an “effortless laundry” experience for users and property owners, Speed Queen is another one of our top choices.

  •       Speed Queen’s machines are easy to connect to, giving property owners remote access to their laundry facility, and users the conveniences they are looking for while doing laundry.
  •       Wash Alert system allows users to receive notifications on laundry progress and find available machines using their smartphones.
  •       Quantum controls allow operators to customize their laundry preferences for ultimate usage.
  •       Speed Queen also permits property owners to easily adjust prices and offer discounts and rewards to help increase profits.

Purchase or Lease from Top Washing Machine Brands

Get the equipment from top washing machine brands that you deserve at an affordable price.  Here at Commercial Laundries, we have competitive prices on new and used commercial laundry equipment and budget-friendly washer and dryer leasing programs with the brands you love and trust.

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