On Premise Laundry for Vacation Rentals in Orlando

June 17, 2022 | Categories: On-Premise Laundry Equipment , Orlando

On Premise Laundry for Vacation Rentals in Orlando

When you think of downtown Orlando on-premise laundry facilities, you may imagine places like vet clinics, a medical office, hotels, correctional facilities, fire departments, or sports laundry areas in athletic facilities, but what about if you are the owner and operator of a small Orlando vacation hotel or rental property somewhere near International Drive, or on Vineland Ave. Orlando on the way to Universal Studios?

Business owners have a lot to worry about, and a vacation rental proprietor is no different. You want to offer the best amenities, like a coffee maker, parking spaces, a flat screen smart TV, close proximity to Orlando attractions, and maybe even access to a heated pool, all with no cancellation fee, to entice renters to your property. Add on-site laundry to this list to generate more interest.

Why Offer Laundry at Your Vacation Rental Property?

Some good reasons to provide laundry services to your tenants or short-term renters include:

  • You may make an extra income. The people staying in your rental will need to do laundry eventually, and if you do not have that service available on-premises, they will simply take their money elsewhere. Having coin-operated, card-operated, or app-run washers and dryers and other laundry amenities will keep those extra dollars on-site. You can also build the costs into your rental price, ensuring you remain profitable.
  • Your rental will be rated higher. Hotels from the Hilton Orlando to Quality Inn provide laundry services for one reason, guest satisfaction. You will have happier, more satisfied clients, who will also likely give you a better rating for providing the convenience, privacy, and security of laundry equipment that is readily available to your clients.
  • Having laundry on-site is a big draw for renters, even when they are only looking to stay a short period of time. The option to wash and fold clothing between your arrival date and check out is an asset, and it will make your property much more popular than those without laundry amenities.

Choose Commercial Laundries for Your Vacation Rental Laundry Needs

With over 50 years in the laundry industry, Commercial Laundries is a family business in central Florida, with an excellent reputation for helping businesses thrive while keeping customers happy with their laundry-related services and equipment needs.

We deliver total laundry solutions to on-premises commercial endeavors, whether you are vacation rental management for one AirBnB Rental or for an entire multi-housing apartment building or hotel.

We sell energy star commercial laundry equipment that is made by your favorite brands, including Speed Queen, Maytag, Miele, and Whirlpool, including coin and card operated machines. If you have limited space, you may consider a stackable washer dryer set, excellent for small loads, and ensuring your laundry service provides a shorter dry time. If you anticipate your renters will have bigger laundry needs, for example, washing linens and towels, you may wish to purchase a large, top-loading washer and matching dryer. Our team of expert salespeople will be able to guide you to the machines that will best work for your unique dental needs. We have:

  • A large warehouse filled with laundry systems, ancillary items, and accessories, so there will be no delivery wait times due to backups
  • Leasing programs that can get you your machines right away, with full mechanical and tech servicing for the length of the contract by our experts in industrial laundries
  • Techs and repair people who are up to date on the cutting-edge new laundry technologies and repair protocols when it comes to the machines we sell, from the soap dispensing system to industrial chemical injection to high-tech express clean technologies. We provide them with certification and training needed to improve production and stay on top of the newest laundry innovations
  • Top-tier customer service, and we strive to maintain excellent relationships with all our clients

If you are too busy to run a laundry business alongside your rental operations, we offer options for our clients that include leasing laundry products out while taking over management of the laundry facility in a customized program that allows us to become equipment manager and facility management partner. That way you can focus on other things as we:

  • Ensure all laundry equipment is maintained and repaired to high standards, which will extend the life of the machines and keep them in top condition, while ensuring your clients receive a good experience. We even offer pickup and delivery so you can get rid of old laundry machines and receive your new ones right away
  • Bring in energy-star rated eco-friendly models that will lower utility and labor costs by saving you on the water and energy bill utility costs and other expenses that come with industrial laundries
  • Take responsibility for the wear and tear of laundry products, along with customer complaints like graffiti, tampering, coin jams, issues with electronics or the soap dispensing system, and equipment that isn’t running properly
  • Allow property managers to take a hands-off approach to running their laundry business

This program will eliminate labor costs, take the stress out of laundry management, and allow you to offer a coveted service to your clients without adding more to your long to-do list.

Correctional facilities and fire departments are not the only places that need on-premise laundry. If you own an Orlando vacation rental, call us today at 305-699-3970 to find out more about adding laundry facilities to your long- or short-term rental facility. Offering 2+ bathroom homes, master bedrooms with incredible views, or proximity to the Orlando airport may catch your next client’s attention, but what will make them want to stay in your rental property are the amenities, and that means laundry.

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