On-Premise Laundry for Gyms in Orlando

July 7, 2022 | Categories: On-Premise Laundry Equipment , Orlando

On-Premise Laundry for Gyms in Orlando

If you operate laundry facilities for Orlando or South Florida fitness centers, you may want to upgrade your equipment to more energy-efficient commercial laundry machines. Laundry is an expense for gyms and fitness centers, but with smart industrial laundry equipment, on-premise laundry facilities can save you more money on laundry expenses. By investing in commercial laundry machines for your Orlando, FL, gym or even opting for equipment leasing, you can enjoy many benefits that we’ll explore here.

  Save Money with On-Premise Laundry

Onsite washers and dryers mean that your Orlando gym staff or management team doesn’t have to contract with a commercial laundry company for pickup and delivery services. This guarantees you’ll never be without towels. That can be a cost-saving and quality saving for your facility. Quality laundry services in Orlando can range upward of $3 per pound of laundry, so with a commercial washer and dryer located at your own facility, you can drastically reduce that cost. Another strategy to save you money on laundry would be to invest in new, high-efficiency equipment. New leased equipment can cut your costs of gas, water, electrical, and mechanical issues that may arise.

  On-Premise Laundry Equipment Saves You Time

If your management team relies on an outsourced staff to deliver and pick up your laundry, you could better their time management with onsite commercial laundry equipment. Your gym may also have to pay more in insurance costs if it relies on staff members to perform pick-up and delivery services. With your own commercial washer and dryer, you’ll never have to worry about running short of towels or other gym laundry essentials again. Your staff can wash them as needed and won’t have to rely on outside services that can get backed up and busy with other commercial customers.

Another source of time saved comes from newly bought or leased equipment. With old machines, your loads will take longer to washer and dry. New machines guarantee the same services in half the time as old equipment.

  Be More Self Sufficient

When you operate your own commercial washer and dryer set, you don’t have to worry about an interruption in service. Whether it’s a community gym, pilates studio, yoga, boxing, or gymnastics, you’ll never have to worry that your clients won’t have fresh towels for their workout. If you invest in smart laundry equipment, you can even use convenient apps to make managing your onsite laundry easier for you and your staff.

  Why Lease Gym Laundry Equipment in Orlando

Not everyone wants to purchase commercial laundry machines for their fitness facility so, you might want to consider a lease agreement. You can lease high-quality and high-efficiency, new laundry equipment for a great price. When you lease washers and dryers, you can expect a maintenance and repair arrangement with our technicians, which makes our onsite laundry experience an even more convenient solution for you.

You can explore all the different types of commercial washing machines and dryers we offer at Commercial Laundries today online or with a quick call to our service team. Look for Energy Star models so you can take advantage of their more energy-efficient operation. By outfitting your Orlando fitness center or gym with Commercial Laundries machines, you can enjoy these benefits and operate a more streamlined and self-sufficient business. Give our team a call today at 1.855.254.WASH (9274).

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