Multi-Housing Laundry Solutions: How to Shop for Your Property

May 12, 2021 | Categories: Multi-Family Housing Washers and Dryers , Orlando

Multi-Housing Laundry Solutions How to Shop for Your Property

When you choose the right multi-housing laundry solutions and commercial laundry distributors from the get-go, your laundry facility will run more smoothly and in turn be more successful.

Be smart when purchasing or leasing multi-housing washers and dryers for sale by having a plan.  First, always choose quality machines from a manufacturer you know and trust.  The best multi-housing laundry equipment is commercial-grade washers and dryers that are built for high traffic, laundry facilities, and are really the only way to go.  Next, do some research on your residents’ needs and desires in a laundry amenity.  While you are at it, figure out what your needs are as a property owner and manager.  Choose a solution and payment method that will work best for you and make your job easier.  Finally, work with a local and trustworthy commercial laundry supplier that offers you the financial options to help you stay within budget, and the supportive services to keep your facility running at its peak.

How to Choose the Right Multi-Housing Laundry Solutions for Your Property:

Pick a Reputable Manufacturer

Longevity should be your greatest priority when looking for multi-housing washers and dryers for sale, and durability and endurance are something you can expect when you choose a reputable manufacturer.  Companies such as Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool build their commercial-grade machines to withstand the high demands of everyday and constant use.  Their robust construction and sophisticated features make them superior to any residential model or low-cost washer and dryer.

Evaluate Your Demographics Needs

The best multi-housing laundry equipment for your property certainly depends on the requirements and comforts of your residents.  Are your tenants mostly older, younger, or mixed generational?  Are they looking for traditional coin-op machines or something more up to date such as card-op equipment or a mobile laundry payment app?  The conventional coin-operated washers and dryers are well-known, trusted, and most accessible.  Card-operated washers and dryers offer many of the conveniences of paying with a debit or credit card.  Cashless laundry mobile applications give your residents a contactless solution that is clean and reliable.  With a card and mobile system, your tenants can pay for their laundry, monitor its progress, and find available machines from their computer or smartphone.

Choose Your Payment System

The needs and comforts of your residents are important, but remember, yours are too.  A well-run and maintained laundry facility will do more for them in the end, so it is important that you choose a system that will work for your property and your management style.  Coin-operated machines will require a bit more manpower, as you need to keep on top of security and coin collecting, counting, and depositing.  With card-op and mobile laundry app systems, all your auditing is done automatically and accurately.  You will even have the advantage of remote management with access to real-time reports on profits, facility activity, and user habits, all from the convenience of your office or home.

Know Your Purchasing Options

Purchasing multi-housing washers and dryers offer autonomy and complete control over your machines.  With the right commercial laundry company, you can even find affordable used commercial laundry machines that are refurbished and guaranteed to operate ‘like new’.

Leasing commercial laundry machines is a great way to get the best multi-housing laundry equipment without the big upfront costs.  Be relieved of the many responsibilities of machine servicing with free service and maintenance plans, commonly included in your leasing agreement.

Work with Your Local Supportive Commercial Laundry Distributor

Perhaps the most important step to choosing the best multi-housing laundry solutions for your property is finding a supportive commercial laundry supplier.  Commercial Laundries Orlando has competitively priced and affordable purchasing and leasing options to suit any budget.  All our multi-housing washers and dryers for sale or lease are from world-renowned manufactures that are sure to add value and success to your facility.  We also have supportive maintenance and repair services to help you run your laundry amenity efficiently.

Give Commercial Laundries Orlando a call today at, (407) 986-1410 for assistance in figuring out the best multi-housing laundry solutions for you and your property.

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