Maytag Commercial Washers and Dryers

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Buy Maytag commercial washing machines to best fit your onsite laundry facility and exceed your resident’s needs.

Maytag Commercial Washers and Dryers

Maytag, established in 1893, is an American company that proudly produces their commercial laundry equipment in the USA.  Their dependable design, built for sustainability and superior cleaning performance, has put them among the best commercial laundry equipment manufacturers in the world. Contact Commercial Laundries to discuss buying and leasing commercial Maytag washers and dryers in Orlando.

To check Maytag Commercial Washer and Dryer inventory near you or to get maintenance on a Maytag Laundry Machine, call (407) 986-1410.

Buy Maytag Commercial Washing Machines

Maytag has many different machine models to choose from.  When deciding which you prefer, consider the needs of your tenants and which would be the best fit for your demographic.  Top load washers are a crowd favorite with their traditional agitators and submerged laundry wash for a deep clean and optimal performance.  Front-load washers are also gaining in popularity for their large load capacity, water saving features and ADA compliant design.  For space saving abilities and a way to double the number of your machines, stackable washers/dryers from Maytag take up less floor space with their design and slim profile.

Front-Load Washers

Built for large loads and optimal performance, Maytag’s front-load washers deliver on design and execution.  Its DuraCore Drive System has been tested to run 15,000 wash cycles with consistent and competitive results.  Machines are engineered with a watertight seal to protect them against moisture and minimize wear and tear, maximizing on longevity.  

Top-Load Washers

Maytag’s top-load washers are known for their traditional design and optimal cleaning results.  Their deep-water wash design allows garments to be submerged and soak for a thorough clean and stain lifting ability.  Equipped with a traditional central agitator that customers have come to prefer and depend on for its ultimate cleaning performance.

Stack Washers and Dryers

With stackable Maytag commercial washers and dryers, you get double the washing and drying power and save on valuable floor space.  Engineered to deliver the same robust performance, you will not be compromising on cleaning power nor the results your tenants expect.

Dependable Designs You Can Trust

Maytag commercial washers and dryers are designed and engineered with sophisticated technology to deliver on optimal performance.

  • Advanced Spin Technology for more accurate spin cycles and balanced performance
  • DuraCore Drive System for extra seal protection and longevity (Front Loaders)
  • Microprocessor Controls allowing you to customize your pricing, cycle options and load sizes to maximize on profits
  • Six-point suspension system for more stability to minimize vibrations and noise
  • Strong cabinets constructed from powder-coated galvanized steel to withstand everyday use

Increase Your Profits with Flexible Controls

Whether you are managing a multi-housing apartment complex, large college campus or a hotel, equip your facility with commercial laundry equipment that you can depend on and maintain with ease.  Maytag’s customizable controls allow you to adjust laundry prices and cycle programming.  Set up a variety of different rates and pricing depending on peak hours, days of the week and wash cycles to upsell and increase revenue.

Give your Residents a Unique Laundry Experience

With Maytag commercial washers and dryers, you can give your tenants the dependable laundry facility they deserve.  Maytag has built its reputation on its reliable washers and dryers and their longevity.  Built and engineered to last, they are sure to deliver on their energy efficiency and optimal performance.  Their energy efficient washers and dryers are designed to operate on less water, gas and electricity, saving you on utility costs.

To check Maytag Commercial Washer and Dryer inventory near you or to get maintenance on a Maytag Laundry Machine, call (407) 986-1410.

Buy or Lease Commercial Maytag Washers and Dryers in Orlando

If you are in the market to buy Maytag commercial washing machines, Commercial Laundries Orlando has the top-rated equipment to keep your laundry facility running smoothly.  Our service and maintenance packages are added services that we provide to take some of the responsibilities off your shoulders and ensure your facilities and machines are operating efficiently.  If you are on a tight budget, contact one of our representatives to discuss our tax-deductible commercial laundry lease program.Give us a call today at, (407) 986-1410 to start outfitting your laundry facility with commercial Maytag washers and dryers in Orlando.

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