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Are you looking for commercial laundry equipment for your business or organization in Orlando? Rely on Commercial Laundries! Our family-owned business sells and leases commercial washers and dryers for a wide range of operations, including multi-housing, hotels, apartment complexes, medical facilities, rehabilitation centers, spas, schools, and more. If you operate an on-premise laundry center, then you can depend on Commercial Laundries for your equipment and maintenance needs.

Commercial Laundries Inc. is a leading provider of commercial washers and dryers in Orlando and throughout the state of Florida. We carry the most respected brands in our inventory like Maytag, Speed Queen, Whirlpool, and Miele, in a wide range of models. Let us help you find the new and used washers and dryers you need to support your business. Commercial Laundries has a reputation for laundry equipment expertise. The next time you need to purchase or lease commercial washing machines or dryers, be sure to choose us.

Sell and Lease the Best Commercial Equipment with Commercial Laundries

If your business depends on commercial washers and dryers, you need an equipment provider you can depend on. Commercial Laundries is Orlando’s leading provider of commercial laundry machines. We sell and lease commercial washing machines and dryers while also maintaining and repairing them. Our inventory includes laundry equipment with features customers search for such as Apartment laundry card systems and Features like moisture sensors, smart systems with built-in analytics, large-capacity sizing, and stackable systems.

When choosing a model for payment, you can pick from our card-operated or coin-operated machines.
Whether you operate a multi-housing laundry facility or a laundry center at a hospital or RV park, Commercial Laundries has the equipment to meet your needs, including options for commercial laundry for sale. Customers throughout Orlando trust us for our extensive selection of high-quality, commercial washers and dryers and value the expertise of our dedicated team. If your facility requires a maintenance and repair package, don’t forget that we also service commercial washers and dryers, ensuring your operations run smoothly. Explore our selection to find the commercial washing machines and dryers that fulfill your needs, and experience the quality and reliability that have made us a trusted partner in the industry.

7 Advantages of Leasing Commercial Laundry Equipment

A wide range of businesses that rely on laundry equipment does not want the responsibility of equipment ownership. Commercial Laundries sells top-of-the-line commercial laundry machines, but we also lease them. By leasing commercial washers and dryers for your business, you can expect these benefits:

  1. Convenient Monthly Payments: When you lease commercial laundry equipment, there’s no need to pay a large sum for your machine outright. Instead, you pay a convenient monthly charge for your on-premise washers and dryers. This makes budgeting much easier, too; you know exactly what you’ll pay for your equipment each month with no surprises
  2. No Repair Headaches (and Bills): Even the best laundry equipment can experience wear and tear and break down over time; the downtime can be a hassle for your business, but the repair costs can be expensive. You can avoid expensive repair and replacement costs by leasing your commercial washing machines and dryers from Commercial Laundries.
  3. Timely Maintenance: When you lease laundry equipment from Commercial Laundries, we’ll take care of the maintenance. We feature a team of professional technicians who will expertly maintain your leased equipment, ensuring the machines function at their best.
  4. Installation and Replacement: When you lease from Commercial Laundries, our technicians will install your washers and dryers for you. Proper installation is essential for your equipment to work properly. If one of your leased machines becomes inoperable or undependable–no problem! We’ll replace it with another model with the prompt service you’re known for.
  5. Choose Models You Need: Lease your laundry machines from Commercial Laundries and choose from our large inventory of commercial washers and dryers available now for lease. We lease card-operated cashless and coin-operated laundry equipment. Find large-capacity washers, top-load dryers, compact stackable washer-dryer sets, and more.
  6. Helpful Commercial Service Staff: Our representatives are here to help you select the ideal commercial washing machines and dryers to lease. Tell us your needs and we can point you in the right direction. No matter your business or organization, you can find the ideal washers and dryers for your needs.
  7. Peace of Mind: Enjoy peace of mind when you lease your commercial washers and dryers from Commercial Laundries. You need laundry equipment you can rely on. We lease expertly maintained laundry machines and keep them well-serviced for your operation. You can unload the burden of laundry machine maintenance and repairs when you lease your washers and dryers from us.

3 Different Payment Options on Modern Commercial Washers and Dryers

If your on-premise laundry business provides service for customers or tenants, you have three payment options to choose from when selecting commercial laundry machines for your facility:

1.   Smartphone App “LaundryValue”

Find laundry machines that feature smart platforms with built-in connectivity. Laundry customers download the laundry app to their smartphones. They access the app and transfer funds each time they want to wash or dry a load of laundry. With this system, your funds are transferred right away. When you access your app, you can see what each machine is earning on a daily basis.

2.   Smart Cards/Laundry Cards

Commercial Laundries sells and leases commercial washers and dryers that work with laundry cards or smart card operations. Card-operated machines are popular at many types of Orlando businesses. Customers simply load funds onto their card and then use the card to pay for each machine’s use. There’s no need for you or your staff to collect coins with these models. You can access your funds quickly and conveniently.

3.   Coin-Operated

Coin-operated washers and dryers have been the standard at many Orlando businesses for decades. Many customers and tenants are used to paying for each laundered load with coins. However, with the evolution of coinless laundry solutions, many businesses now offer card-operated laundry machines or machines that rely on a smart app. Despite these advancements, a significant number still continue to maintain coin-operated washers and dryers at their laundry facility

How to Pick the Best Brands of Commercial Laundry Equipment

When you shop at Commercial Laundries, you can find an expansive selection of top-selling brands, brands that are among the most respected laundry machine manufacturers in Orlando. We carry brands such as:

  • Maytag has been producing quality laundry equipment for more than 100 years. The manufacturer continues to lead the industry with its innovative washers and dryers. Let our team help you find laundry equipment that meets your facility’s needs.
  • Speed Queen washers and dryers are found in laundry businesses all over the country. These machines are known for their durability and long-lasting use. Looking for a reliable equipment investment? Let us help you select Speed Queen washers and dryers in the styles you need for your business.
  • Miele is known for its innovative washers and dryers. The company has a reputation for its energy-efficient laundry machines that are known for their longevity and reliable functionality.
  • Whirlpool can compete with the top brands with its dependable washers and dryers. Whirlpool features washers and dryers that come standard with must-have features and special cycles like self-sanitizing cycles.

Call Commercial Laundries for the Best Equipment for Laundry in Orlando

Get in touch with Commercial Laundries at 407-588-0209 to find the best selection of Laundry Orlando for your business or organization. Let our knowledgeable associates help you find the commercial washers and dryers you need to run your operation. Remember that we also offer maintenance and repair solutions for our business customers.

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