How To Setup a Cashless Laundry Payment App

February 18, 2022 | Categories: Cashless Laundry Payment Technology , Smart Laundry

Converting your amenity to a laundry payment app is a wise way to add value to your property with minimal investment and stress.

Smart phone app laundry payment systems are easy to adapt into your laundry amenity and would give just as many perks and rewards to you as they would to your residents.  Give your tenants the convenience of a smart payment option and reap the benefits of a digital, cashless system. Setting up a laundry payment app is quick, easy, and inexpensive, especially when you have a dependable laundry distributor by your side.  Commercial Laundries is your neighborhood supplier that has the years of expertise and professionalism to make your transition stress-free.

Step 1:  Find a Reliable Commercial Laundry Company to Work With

When it comes to choosing a commercial laundry company to assist you in going cashless, look for someone local with lots of experience.  Commercial Laundries is your reputable neighbor that has been servicing the commercial laundry sector for five decades.  Our expertise and dedication to our clients are what sets us apart from the competition.  With our experience and knowledgeable team, we will help you choose the right system for your facility to provide optimal performance and success.

Step 2:  Set an Appointment for an Onsite Visit

The great thing about a cashless system is that many older machines can be converted to the new system in no time at all.  First, to setup smart phone app for laundry payment, one of our skilled technicians will come out to your site and evaluate your machines to determine if they can be fitted with a smart system.  Converting your equipment to a smart system is hassle-free with our assistance and guidance.

Step 3:  Schedule to Setup Smart Phone App for Laundry Payment

Once you get the green light, you will be happy to know that setup is quick and inexpensive with no disruption to your laundry business.  Within a few days, one of our techs will fit each of your machines with a smart payment system.  With the new QR code located on your washers and dryers, users can scan via Bluetooth and make laundry purchases all from their smart phone.

Step 4:  Enjoy all the Perks and Conveniences of Smart Phone App Laundry Payment Systems

With new smart phone app laundry payment systems, your residents will appreciate this new, clean, and convenient method of payment, leading to more customer loyalty and profits.  They can also track their laundry progress and find available machines from the app.  As a property owner, you will gain transparency into your laundry operation, being able to view profits and customer habits with real time reports.  And with the reduction or elimination of coins, your laundry facility will automatically be more secure and protected against theft and counterfeit coins.

Get an Affordable Laundry Payment App System for Your Laundry Facility

Here at Commercial Laundries, it is quick, easy, and affordable to setup a smart phone app for laundry payments.  If you need to or wish to purchase new or used equipment with a laundry payment app, we have top-quality equipment available in various machine models to meet your needs.  All of our equipment is from world-renowned manufacturers, Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool, known for their dependability and innovation.  For even greater savings, lease your commercial laundry with smart payment apps and benefit from all of our free services to assist you with operations and maintenance.

Contact Commercial Laundries to setup smart phone app for laundry payments in your laundry facilities today.  Give us a call at, (855) 254-9274 or click here for a free estimate.

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