How to Clean Your Dryer Vent in 5 Easy Steps

July 6, 2022 | Categories: Dryer Vent Cleaning

How to Clean Your Dryer Vent in 5 Easy Steps

Basic dryer vent cleaning is part of a good and important tool to have in laundry machine maintenance. Many Miami commercial and residential fires have been started by blocked dryer vents, which makes keeping dryer vents clean a priority. Reducing the risk of dryer fires is essential for you and your building’s safety.

Additionally, keeping your dryer vent cleaned can help reduce energy bills and maintain good indoor air quality. If you suspect that you have a clogged dryer vent, or simply want to perform routine vent cleaning in Miami, review the following steps for cleaning your dryer vent.

  Why You Need to Clean Your Dryer Vent

Over time, this duct can get filled with lint and other laundry debris. When the vent becomes full, it can block the airflow and when this happens, it creates a huge hazard for your laundry room facility. When you run your dryer you may notice that clothes aren’t getting dry as well as they used to. If you find that you have to add more time to dry your clothing, there’s a strong possibility that you need to clean your residential or commercial dryer vent.

Of course, there could also be a duct problem that requires professional duct repair. You can find duct repair services with our agreements just as you could for other common maintenance and repair services like upholstery cleaning, chimney cleaning, carpet cleaning, or AC installation. Simply contact Commercial Laundries and a member of our knowledgeable service team will promptly assist you in your needs. To prevent dryer vent fires and efficiently manage your time in laundry, remember to check your dryer vents routinely.

Here are five user-friendly steps to follow:

  1.   Preliminaries

Whether you have one personal dryer vent or several machines in your commercial laundry facility, you can start your cleaning process by one: gathering the tools you need for the job and two: disconnecting the dryer vent from the dryer. To do this, you’ll typically need a screwdriver, a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment, an extendable lint remover brush, a broom, a dustpan, and a trash bag.

Once you have gathered the necessary tools for cleaning your dryer vent, you can disconnect the air duct that connects your dryer to the outdoor vent. In most machines, the air duct is secured by a couple of screws that connect it to the back of your dryer. Begin by unscrewing each screw and removing the ductwork. You may need to pull the dryer out from the wall to accomplish this. Be sure to unplug your machine and be aware of not pulling too far if it’s connected to a gas pipe.

  1.   Vacuum the Duct and Vent

Use your vacuum with the hose attachment to vacuum the vent and duct to remove as much lint and debris as possible. You can clean dryer vents with a vacuum alone, but it’s better to do a thorough cleaning and use a lint brush designed for this purpose.

  1.   Vent and Air Duct Cleaning with a Lint Removal Brush

You can use a lint removal brush to clean out any stubborn or lingering lint and other debris caked on the inside of your duct and/or vent. Some people prefer to use this brush with a power drill which can make the process easier, especially if you need multiple dryer vents cleaned. Duct cleaning with a lint removal brush will assure the elimination of any debris the vacuum didn’t catch.

  1.   Clean Up After Yourself

Once you use the brush for the last stage of your dryer duct cleaning, you’ll want to sweep up any residue that fell on your floor or around your machines. Check the vent and duct to make sure that you have removed all the excess lint and debris trapped inside. You may need to thoroughly check and repeat one of the cleaning steps above if you find the lint sticking. Cleaning up will also allow you to maintain organization and good indoor air quality.

  1.   Re-attach the Vent and Duct

Finally, you’re ready to reattach the components you disconnected in the beginning, and move your dryer back into place. Once you’ve done this, you will want to run your machines to ensure that the airflow is venting properly to the outside. With basic dryer vent cleaning, your dryer should operate as it’s supposed to.

You can use these steps to perform basic dryer vent cleaning on a routine basis. Your dryer vent/ductwork should not be hot to the touch. Do not operate your dryer with a clogged dryer vent as that is a serious safety risk. Keep your dryer vent cleaned to prevent dryer fires and ensure good indoor air quality. Request service by giving Commercial Laundries Miami a call at (305) 592-7990

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