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Coin-Operated Commercial Washer and Dryer fort myers

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If you’re looking for quality commercial laundry equipment that is built to withstand the high volume of patrons and ensure superior customer satisfaction, Commercial Laundries has the best selection of washing machines and dryers. Our experienced team of laundry sales representatives and technicians are highly knowledgeable in laundry equipment and can answer any of your questions to support you in finding the right laundry machines for your facility. We offer quality machines at affordable prices in both leasing and purchasing options that work within your budget. No matter what your specific needs are for laundry machines, our team helps you find the right washing machines and dryers. Call our team today to hear more about the leading brand-name laundry equipment available to create a high-performing commercial laundry facility.

Are Coin-Operated Washers and Dryers Still Available?

Yes, Fort Myers commercial laundry owners can still find coin-operated washing machines and dryers with Commercial Laundries. We have a wide inventory of coin-operated laundry equipment from trusted name brands in laundry equipment like Miele, Speed Queen, Maytag, and Whirlpool. Depending on the layout of your commercial laundry facility, you may have preferences for the style of laundry equipment that fits within your laundry room atmosphere while optimally utilizing the space to increase the productivity of your laundry facility.

Commercial Laundry for Sale: Whether you are interested in front-loading or stackable washing machines and dryers, coin-operated laundry machines can be a valuable addition to your offerings. Front-loading machines, ideal for larger commercial laundry spaces, offer the benefit of larger barrel sizes for laundry loads, ensuring efficient cleaning. For those looking to optimize available space, stackable washing machines and dryers are an excellent choice, enabling the accommodation of more laundry machines in your facility, thus increasing the capacity for patrons at any given time. Both of these machine types make for an accessible, user-friendly option, generating high-powered cleans for customers and presenting potential lucrative opportunities for those considering commercial laundry for sale.

Multiple Payment Options in One Machine (in addition to coins, people can pay with smartcards or phone apps)

To operate an effective commercial laundry facility, you want to have laundry machines that are accessible to all of your patrons. Carrying cash has become rare for many people with access to digital forms of payment. To meet the needs of all of your patrons, you can find washing machines and dryers that have versatility in payment options. Coin-operated washing machines can have additional options for payments that meet the needs of every customer in your laundry facility.

Laundry machines have options for multiple payment methods within one machine. If coin payments aren’t the preferred method of your customers, there are smart card payment options. Customers can load their smart cards through mobile banking and simply swipe the card in the machine to begin their laundry cycle.

In this modern digital era, it is rare for a person to go without a smartphone. The advanced technology of phones and tablets makes it easy to complete any daily task, including laundry. Whether using rent to own washer and dryer sets or conventional ones, we have smartphone apps that allow you to pay for your laundry cycles with a simple click of a button. With the variety of payment options, your customers can easily pay for laundry, making their experience in your commercial laundry facility simple and enjoyable.

8 Benefits of Upgrading Your Building’s Commercial Washer and Dryer

If you have an established commercial laundry facility but are seeking ways to improve the operational functionality of your laundry room, upgrading your building’s commercial washer and dryer can have exceptional benefits for your business. Here are the top eight benefits of upgrading your machines with the help of Commercial Laundries:

  1. Higher quality laundry machines. Upgrading your washing machine and dryer to newer models means that you’ll have laundry equipment with new eco-friendly functions. Each laundry cycle runs with a reduced amount of water and energy while still performing at optimal speeds.
  2. Reduced operational costs. With the reduced amount of water and energy being utilized in laundry machines, that means that the overall costs of operating your laundry room can be dramatically reduced.
  3. Upgraded laundry machines have high-performance capabilities. The variation in laundry cycles offers various speed and deep cleaning options that provide a pristine, detailed clean for your clothes making your fabrics come out fresh with vibrant colors.
  4. Increased efficiency with each load. The high-powered performance of laundry machines enables each laundry cycle to be completed in a timely manner while still maintaining your customer’s satisfaction.
  5. Increased revenue. Newer models of laundry equipment have the benefits of running cycles faster at reduced costs helping to increase the profits from your commercial laundry facility. The higher volume of people that can access your laundry room each day means that you can increase the traffic in your laundry room.
  6. Laundry machines that you can rely on. Newer models are designed to withstand high volumes of usage and are built to withstand large, regular loads consistently. The innovative designs of newer laundry equipment mean that you’ll have machines you can trust with fewer breakdowns or repairs needed.
  7. Enhance the appearance of your commercial laundry facility. Newer washing machines and dryers provide an appealing aesthetic for your customers. Having updated laundry equipment tells your customers that you take pride in your laundry room and care about the overall experience of your patrons.
  8. Increase the safety of your commercial laundry facility. Updated washing machines and dryers provide you with the comfort of knowing that your laundry equipment is at full-functioning operational capacity without the risk of faulty connections or wires. This helps to increase the environmental and occupational safety of your staff and customers.

Top Brands of Commercial Washers and Dryers in Fort Myers

Fort Myers commercial laundry owners want to have laundry machines that are dependable which is why Commercial Laundries carries trusted brands in laundry machines that offer exceptional performances each cycle.

  • Maytag: Americans have come to depend on Maytag for innovative designs and technologies that deliver high-powered laundry cycles. These carefully crafted laundry machines have top-loading and front-loading machines that fuel energy-efficient and eco-friendly.
  • Speed Queen: These laundry machines are well known for being reliable and durable laundry machines that are built to withstand any size and soiled levels of laundry. Choose from specific laundry functions that offer detailed, pristine cleans that protect the vibrancy and integrity of your fabrics.
  • Miele: Customers choose Miele for the innovative technology within washing machines and dryers. The digital, user-friendly interface makes it simple and easy to select the specific cycle strength and water levels to effectively clean your clothes in a timely efficient manner.
  • Whirlpool: Whirlpool is a trusted brand name for home appliances. The carefully engineered designs of Whirlpool laundry machines reduce energy and water usage making it a cost-effective, high-powered machine.

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Commercial Laundries is a family-owned business that values and appreciates the need for exceptional customer service. We have been providing fast and efficient service for over 50 years. You take pride in your commercial laundry facility and we share that same value, which is why we help you find the right washing machines and dryers to increase the productivity of your facility and increase your customer satisfaction. Choose from affordable, dependable options for coin-operated washers and dryers for lease or to buy. Call our experienced team at 239-208-5216 today to begin your search for the right laundry equipment for your facility.

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