Finding the Best Coin Operated Washing Machine

Find the best coin operated washing machine for sale or lease from Commercial Laundries

 Coin Operated Washing MachineFinding the best coin operated washing machine is easy when you know where to look. Commercial Laundries is an industry leader in the commercial laundry sector in Florida. We carry many types of coin operated washing machines and dryers from such popular manufacturers as Maytag, Whirlpool and Speed Queen. Our coin operated washers and dryers are built to endure the rigors of daily commercial laundry use, and they offer the latest advancements in technology for better performance and energy efficiency. You will have no trouble finding the best coin operated washing machines and dryers when you call us.

Our products are among the best in the industry and our coin operated washers and dryers come with many special features such as:

  1. Factory installed coin slide and a durable, large capacity coin vault designed to refuse slugs and foreign coins.
  2. Easy to read and operate digital display panels.
  3. Industrial grade cabinets to resist scratching and chipping.
  4. Large capacity stainless steel or porcelain ceramic wash tubs to gently move laundry throughout the wash cycle in coin operated washing machines.
  5. Quiet, high-velocity airflow system provides optimal drying performance in coin operated dryers.
  6. Energy Star certified coin operated washers and dryers that provide energy efficiency by reducing waste and saving on water, gas and electric costs.
  7. A water conservation feature on all coin operated washing machines that reduce thousands of gallons of water usage per year.
  8. Multiple cycle selections on all machines.
  9. Space saving stackable machines for laundry facilities with a limited amount of space.
  10. Quick-acting agitation and extraction features to save time and improve laundry performance.
  11. DOE compliant, easy access coin operated washing machines and dryers to serve the handicapped community.

We carry American-made brands for those of you who want to keep jobs at home. Speed Queen built their first laundry machine in Ripon, Wisconsin and they have been headquartered there ever since. All their machines are American-made to last longer, and keep Americans working. Maytag is another great American-made company that started more than 100 years ago, and is known for their commercial grade drum rollers, hinges, belts and drawer gaskets that turn out excellent, dependable products. Whirlpool is an American-made brand that was included in a Consumer Reports list of best-performing, American-made appliances. We carry these great brands that are not only popular in America, but around the world. If you are in need of coin operated washers and dryers we have the brands that will offer you the best in performance and durability.

When you partner with us you can select from many different options to suit your needs and budget. We carry new and used laundry equipment for purchase with a host of warranties. If you are working with a tight budget you may be interested in one of our popular lease option programs. You can build the laundry facility of your dreams without investing any money. You simply pay the rental fee each month and you will never be burdened with unexpected costs for repairs or maintenance, plus your lease option is tax deductible. You will receive regular maintenance visits and repair services free of charge on leased machines for the lifetime of your lease. Our expert technicians will keep your machines operating at their peak performance level to please your patrons and save you money on energy costs.

You can have the best coin operated washers and dryers for your commercial laundry facility. Find out more about us and our great products by contacting Commercial Laundries, Inc. today at 305-699-3970.

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