Coin Operated Laundry Equipment

Increase your property’s attractiveness with coin operated laundry equipment

Coin Operated Laundry EquipmentHave you considered adding an amenity to your multi-housing rental property but aren’t sure which would be the most beneficial? Did you know that an onsite commercial laundry area is considered a top tier amenity by renters and is one of the most sought after when someone is apartment hunting? With coin operated laundry equipment being some of the most popular and widely used commercial laundry choices, what better time than the present to offer a top tier amenity that will entice future renters and help you generate additional income.

At Commercial Laundries, leasing and selling both new and used coin operated laundry equipment to a variety of clients is a large part of our business. From clients who want to add an onsite laundry area into their rental property and dormitories who want to install affordable laundry options to their students, to hospitals and commercial business owner’s who need onsite laundry solutions to run their operation smoothly, we have just what you need. Our fully stocked, 15,000 square foot warehouse contains every make and model of commercial laundry equipment you can think of. Plus, we are committed to only working with the top brands in the business. Manufacturers such as Whirlpool, Maytag and Speed Queen have proven themselves over many decades to be heavy-duty, reliable and well-crafted. We trust these brands to our clients because we know they deliver many years of optimal service.

Our coin operated laundry equipment is one of our most popular options. Coin operated washers and dryers have coin sliders and coin vaults attached, allowing tenants to pay for each load of laundry and for property owner’s to have a safe storage option until they have time to collect coins. Our coin vaults come in a variety of sizes and are manufactured from the latest technology in order to deter theft, tampering, etc. Our coin sliders are also crafted to deter users from inserting foreign coins or slugs.

If you feel coin operated laundry equipment is the right choice for you, you can choose from both used or new models, plus a variety of options such as top loading, front loading and stackable machines. Coin operated washers and dryers are widely used laundry options and offer a degree of flexibility for property owners in terms of increasing load prices, etc. If you aren’t sure which option is the best for your needs, budget and space, it may be time for you to speak with one of our experienced and trusted laundry experts.

We’ve been successfully helping clients throughout South Florida find the perfect laundry solutions for their business for over 45 years. We understand how each property has its own unique requirements and can help you find the most affordable and efficient solution.

Now is the time to offer a top tier amenity to future tenants! Let us help you upgrade and set your property apart from the rest with an onsite coin operated laundry area.

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