Find Commercial Laundry Room Solutions for Apartment Buildings

Discover innovative laundry room ideas for your facility with the help of Commercial Laundries.

Does your laundry room lack innovation and drive? Perhaps it’s time to reimagine your commercial laundry room and turn it into a vibrant and productive space.

Just as creative staging can transform real estate into an attractive entity that lures potential buyers, so can the right laundry room ideas turn a mediocre space into an inviting one that welcomes your patrons with open arms.

Laundry Room Solutions

When laundry room ideas are mentioned, it usually conjures up images of decorating and organizing tips, which is okay in and of itself.

Offering your tenants a visually pleasant, clean, safe and organized space is a great way to invite them in to perform their laundry tasks. But laundry room solutions should also speak to the needs of the tenants.

As any smart business person knows, “you must know the needs of the marketplace that you wish to serve.”

If you are the owner of an apartment building, you realize that you are serving a diverse set of individuals.

You may have elderly tenants, one-parent households, families with small children, handicapped persons, young adults, bachelors, etc.

This type of diversity can require addressing many needs, but the most common ones would seem to be:
• Saving time
• Accessibility
• Easy to use laundry machines
• Good cycle selections
• Special features
• Standard and large capacity laundry machines
• Coin and card operated laundry equipment
• Machines with mobile apps

Laundry in apartment buildings should have machines that offer a clear description of cycle options, such as load size, dispenser trays, cycle times, and water temperature selections.

Vending prices should also be clearly displayed, especially on card-op machines. Mobile apps should be able to follow the laundry cycle and alert your tenant when their cycle is finished. If you want to maximize a small laundry room, you should consider adding stackable laundry equipment.

Advanced technology in dryers also improves the drying performance and describes the various types of setting and fabrics that should be used. For example, a medium heat setting is good for synthetics and colored laundry.

Some dryers may offer a reverse tumbling feature, with an extra fee, that periodically reverses the tumbling action to avoid wrinkles from setting in. And for an additional fee, the anti-wrinkle cycle keeps the laundry moving after the cycle is completed.

Your tenants may be juggling many duties in a single day, such as going to their job, stopping off at a store before coming home, cooking dinner, helping children with homework, tending to small children, entertaining guests, etc.

Anything that can save them some time in their busy schedules is a welcomed relief. That is why good laundry room solutions include laundry equipment with mobile apps that can tell a tenant when a machine is available for use, how much time is left on a cycle, and when the cycle is finished.

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Laundry in Apartment Buildings

A smart way to increase your earnings is to provide laundry machines in each apartment. Many people are willing to pay higher rent for the convenience of having their own laundry machines, and installing stackable machines does not require a lot of space.

Smart laundry room ideas for laundry in apartment buildings should also include machines that offer extra cycle features that save time and provide a valuable service to your tenants.

Extra feature options also give you the opportunity to add additional fees to the laundry cycle, increasing your profit margin.

If your laundry room has a good amount of space, you may want to add some comfortable seating or folding tables.

Other laundry room solutions also include installing vending machines that offer snacks, drinks or laundry items like detergent, fabric softeners, bleach, etc. This is another way to serve your tenants needs and also increase your profit.

We are experts in the commercial laundry industry and can assist you in providing smart laundry room solutions that will please your tenants and improve your earning potential.

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