Find a Smart Washer and Dryer Near Me

March 4, 2022 | Categories: Smart Laundry

Find a Smart Washer and Dryer Near Me

A smart laundry system will instantly transform your facility with laundry accessories that make it more attractive and manageable and in turn more profitable and manageable.

When it comes to starting a new laundry amenity or upgrading an existing facility, you want to find a system that works smarter not harder.  With a smart laundry system, you will improve your property in more ways than you ever thought possible.  The plethora of newly added conveniences of Wi-Fi washers and dryers will make laundry easier for your residents and management will be a cinch.  Here are some of the many benefits of smart laundry equipment and where you can find dependable machines near you.

Why Choose a Smart Laundry System?

In today’s day and age, many businesses are making the switch to card and mobile payment systems for their laundry appliances.  As a popular preference among patrons, it would be wise to keep up with the changing times and include more smart appliance options with built-in wifi.  The great thing about a smart washer and dryer system is just how easy your job will be once your laundry appliances are converted.  You can manage the connected appliances through an app on your phone and gain a level of transparency into your business that you would never have with only coin operated machines.  Additionally, transforming your laundry business to smart washing machines will boost resident satisfaction and attract new patrons leading to an increase in profits.

What are the Benefits of Using Smart Washing Machines?

For Property Owners and Managers

Clarity into your Laundry Business:  Through the online database, property owners and managers who use smart washing machines can view their revenue with real-time reports for transparency into their profits and business operation.

Current Reports on Customer Habits:  With real-time reports, you can see your residents’ preferences and habits through an app on your phone and offer rewards for different laundry days and discount programs to increase customer loyalty.

Easy Pricing Adjustments:  With smart appliance digital control, you can adjust pricing in small or large increments to reflect operational costs.  You can also offer discount programs or specials for certain laundry days with the touch of a button.

Machine Errors and Alerts:  Whether you’re using top load or front load washers and dryers, you’ll receive messages about any issues with your smart laundry machines so you can tackle issues immediately before they become a more costly affair.

Lower Labor Costs:  With smart washing machines being digital, you won’t need as many employees to look after and run your facility or collect coins and empty coin boxes.

Greater Security: With the reduction or elimination of cash and coins in your commercial laundry room, you will instantly boost security protecting you from theft.

Resident Satisfaction:  Keeping up with the needs and desires of your residents will keep them satisfied and motivate them to do their laundry on-premises.

Cost-Effectiveness: A smart washer and dryer system is becoming more standard and more affordable.  Additionally, select models can be fitted with smart adapters, saving you from purchasing new equipment.

For Residents and Guests

Convenient Smart Payment Options: Residents can easily pay for their laundry with their mobile phones. It’s quick, clean, and hassle-free.

Handy App Features: Through the laundry app on your phone, you can pay for laundry, select wash cycles, track remaining time on your wash and dryer cycle, and find available machines.

User-FriendlyMobile laundry payment systems can be added to top load washers, front loading dryers, stackable washers and dryers, or whatever type of machine model you desire in your laundry facility.  Best of all, the app walks patrons through the whole process, making it user-friendly and accessible to all connected appliances.

Secure Laundry Room:  A cashless laundry facility means a safer laundry room for your patrons.

Where to Get Smart Washers and Dryers Near Me?

Here at Commercial Laundries, we have dependable smart laundry appliances available with built-in wifi that is energy star certified which will instantly raise the value of your laundry amenity.  Choose from our top loading or front loading washer and dryers, or go for the space-saving stackable washers and dryers to help maximize your capacity.  If you already have a functioning laundry facility, it’s possible that your select models can be fitted with a smart system to save your budget.  If it does turn out that your washing machines and dryers need to be replaced, we have affordable financing options to help.  Buy new smart washing machines or rent your equipment with our tax-deductible commercial lease program and get the support of a dependable laundry distributor.

Give Commercial Laundries a call today at, (855)254-9274  to get your smart washers and dryers and laundry accessories and bring your amenity up to its full potential.

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