Do Multi Housing Properties Still Use Coin Laundry Machines?

Do Multi Housing Properties Still Use Coin Laundry Machines_

Coin operated commercial washer and dryer appliances continue to be popular in multi housing properties with laundry facilities. Although some property management companies are upgrading their washers and dryers to smart appliances, multi housing coin laundry machines continue to be popular in these types of settings. Multihousing equipment for laundry facilities in an apartment building and condominium complex is an ideal laundry solution for property managers and owners. They can achieve revenue from their coin laundry units while offering residents onpremises laundry amenities. 

Coin operated Laundry Machines for Multi Housing Buildings 

Many property owners choose to install commercial laundry equipment that accepts coins. Some commercial grade laundry equipment now accepts a digital payment system or card payment system that’s operated with a laundry card. These newer smart washers and dryers are increasing in popularity on military bases, hotels motels, fire departments, and other industries served by laundry facilities. However, many people living in multifamily apartment buildings still prefer coinoperated laundry equipment. 

What Types of Washing Machines and Dryers Are Ideal for Your Multihousing Property?

Managing laundry on site is an amenity that many people look for when renting an apartment. Coin laundry equipment is available in many models, including:

  • Stacked washerdryer
  • Commercial washer
  • Topload washer
  • Frontload washers
  • Speed queen front load washer
  • Singleload dryers
  • Commercial dryers

Whether investing in speed queens or commercial laundromat equipment for your multi housing laundry facility, you can procure coin operated models with coin slides that offer the functionality your tenants expect. 

Advantages of Coin Laundry Machines for Tenants

When their apartment building features a public laundry room, residents are able to enjoy convenient laundry solutions. Laundry payment with coins remains a popular option for apartment residents. Vended laundrys are easy for users to operate and come in both top load and front load washers and dryers. Coin laundry equipment affords a convenient payment system that requires no smart card or card operated functionality. 

Advantages for Multifamily Apartment Buildings and Property Managers

Coin operated laundry equipment is a good revenue-building tool for property owners. After the equipment install of coin operated washers and dryers, property managers will enjoy benefits such as:

  • Commercial laundry machines are reliable
  • Laundry room leases for commercial washers / commercial dryers
  • Profit-making potential
  • Ability to market apartment building coin laundry equipment for prospective tenants
  • Revenue sharing potential

Are There Disadvantages for Owning Multifamily Apartment Building Laundry Equipment?

If you choose to invest in coin operated multihousing laundry equipment, you’ll want to keep in mind just a few possible disadvantages. For instance, you will need to employ staff to empty the coins from your coin laundry equipment. You will also need to maintain your stack washer, dryer, and other laundry equipment. However, if you invest in high-quality laundry machines like LG commercial grade front load washer or commercial single dryers, you can expect robust functionality. 

Many property owners of multifamily apartment building complexes choose to invest in coin laundry machines for their revenue sharing potential and value for tenants. Consider the advantages associated with laundry machines and choose the ideal coin commercial grade washers and dryers for your needs. Call us at 305-699-3970

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