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November 13, 2015 | Categories: Commercial Washer and Dryers , Laundry Equipment

Commercial Washing MachinesUpgrade the appeal factor of your property with commercial washing machines

Are you ready to bring your multi-family property’s appeal to the next level? Are you seeking out ways to increase renter retention and entice future renters who come to view your property? If so, consider adding an onsite facility comprised of commercial washing machines dryers. Not only does commercial laundry equipment increase the value of your property to potential tenants, but it is also a great way to generate additional revenue.

Having a commercial laundry facility onsite is a major attraction when it comes to securing future tenants. According to a recent Multi-Housing Council study, laundry facilities inside of a property land in the top three of desired amenities according to renters surveyed. Let’s face it – the last thing most people want to do after a hard day of work, is have to venture far from home to launder their clothes. Add in spending extra travel time and gas, and it is clear to see why multi-housing properties such as apartments, condos, dormitories, etc. choose to install onsite facilities designed with commercial washers and dryers.

At Commercial Laundries, we help you design and stock the ideal laundry facility for your property, filled with commercial washing machines that will meet the needs of your occupants. If this is the first time you are implementing an onsite area, rest assured that someone from our team will work alongside you during the entire process. First, our skilled team members will come to your property to analyze the space you have available for your laundry facility. Next, we will take into account your tenant demographic, budget and unique needs. With this information, a customized laundry facility will be created. For those with current facilities in need of upgrading or replacement, we can also offer a free utility assessment which will help give you a better idea of where updates can be made so you can save money and energy.

When it comes time to select the right commercial washing machines for your property, our team members will walk you through a variety of options, each with their own unique characteristics and advantages. For instance:

  1. Front loaders are some of the most popular commercial washing machines with younger demographics, people with mobility concerns and those who are environmentally conscious. Made with the latest technology, they are highly efficient and save both water and energy. These machines are also ADA compliant.
  2. Stackables are perfect when you need powerful, compact machines that are also half the size of traditional laundry equipment. Great for small areas, stackables make having an onsite laundry facility possible even when there isn’t abundant space.
  3. Top loading machines are known as more traditional type of laundry equipment. It is perfect for families with large laundry requirements and those who need affordable laundry options.

Learn more about the incredible benefits of adding commercial laundry machines into your property. Commercial Laundries, the leader in the laundry industry, has helped a countless number of schools, housing properties, apartments, senior living communities, businesses and more furnish an on-site laundry facility that gets the job done.  With purchasing and leasing options for both new and used equipment, and a 15,000 square foot stocked warehouse, we have no doubt our facility has the perfect laundry equipment combination for your property!

Call Commercial Laundries today at 305-592-7990. Installing quality, durable commercial washing machines in your property is easier and more affordable than you think!


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