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Commercial Laundries is the Best Place to Get Equipment in Fort Myers

When looking for a high-quality commercial washer for sale, Fort Myers residents can find what they need at Commercial Laundries. We are the best place to get laundry equipment like washers and dryers and accessories, providing the best brand names to hospitals, restaurants, multi-family housing units, senior housing, and other large-scale institutions. We work hard to build long-term relationships with our customers, doing all we can to make it easy for your business to stay profitable while meeting your unique laundry needs. From stackable front-loading washer and dryer sets to large-scale commercial machines, we have become suppliers for over 1000 Florida businesses and facilities with laundry equipment.

Along with our commitment to customer service, we have also made a commitment to offering energy-efficient and water-preserving equipment, and we purchase recycled materials and work to reduce waste through repairing and refurbishing older models. When you choose Commercial Laundries, you are choosing a knowledgeable staff and sales team, access to trusted brands of laundry equipment, budget-friendly options, and customizable payment plans. We are dedicated to making your laundry upgrade simple and budget-friendly, with fast installations and helpful maintenance contracts, so you can focus on other important aspects of your business.

Today’s Top Brands of Commercial Washers

At Commercial Laundries, we know that our customers expect the highest quality equipment, which is why we sell and lease long-lasting and dependable washing machines that are guaranteed for high performance and energy efficiency. We pride ourselves in our knowledge of all things laundry and keep only the best brands of the commercial washer for sale. Fort Myers residents can request laundry equipment made by trusted brands including:

Speed Queen

Made in America, Speed Queen laundry machines are known nationwide for their durability and reliability. The innovative design includes a rugged suspension system and sensing technology which eliminates noisy vibration and redistributes off-balance loads for uninterrupted cycles. The industry-leading spin cycle rotates at 1200 RPM, exerting 440 G-force to reduce dry times and utility costs. You can count on your cutting-edge Speed Queen washing machine to be easy to use, durable, and long-lasting while lowering your operation costs to increase overall revenue, long-term.


Miele is a top brand of the commercial washer for sale. Fort Myers business owners and laundry service operators will appreciate their energy efficiency, expert designs, and modern features. You can purchase coin-operated Miele machines, or opt for other options including credit-card and mobile-pay options. Your customers will appreciate the simple interface and intuitive design, and you will enjoy the money-saving energy efficiency these laundry machines bring to your business.


Maytag is a well-known brand and has been for over a century, and for good reason. Maytag washers and dryers are engineered to last. You can find top-loading and front-loading commercial washing machines that are energy-efficient, with all the features you could need for your commercial laundry room. Whether you run a restaurant, school, hospital, or multifamily residential building, coin- or card-operated Maytag laundry equipment will provide you with the power and ease of use you need.


Whirlpool laundry equipment is known for efficiency and reliability, offering a greater return on your investment. You will feel good about adding Whirlpool commercial laundry machines to your laundry space, as they are designed to reduce energy and water usage. Innovative and intuitive designs make these washers and dryers easy for the average person to use, keeping clients satisfied.

8 Benefits of Upgrading Your Building’s Commercial Washer

Some benefits of upgrading your building’s commercial washer to new or used equipment include:

  • Saving money on energy and water bills
  • Reducing your building’s environmental impact
  • Large-capacity washers and dryers reduce the number of loads and time that is needed to get clothes clean
  • High-efficiency laundry machines get laundry done faster, giving for-profit laundry rooms a higher turnover rate
  • Safety is improved with laundry machines guaranteed to be built to code and installed properly
  • Your laundry facility will look cohesive, clean, and professional
  • Fewer repair and maintenance costs, especially if you sign up for a maintenance contract
  • Easy-to-use, efficient machines will keep residents and clients happy

If your building’s laundry facilities need an upgrade, do not hesitate to contact Commercial Laundries. We sell new and refurbished, energy-efficient, and reliable laundry machines from the best brands on the market. You can count on our team to help you figure out the most cost-effective way to update your laundry facilities on your terms. We also have customizable leasing options with built-in repair and maintenance plans. Upgrading your machines will reduce costs while providing you with the freedom you need to focus on other important tasks and business opportunities, as your laundry operation runs smoothly. To get started, contact Commercial Laundries today at 239-208-5216.

Does Commercial Laundries Offer Service and Repairs for Commercial Washers in Fort Myers?

Yes, Commercial Laundries offers service and repairs on all brands of commercial washers for sale. Fort Myers residents and business owners can purchase their laundry equipment with confidence from our team because we not only provide you with high-level customer service, but we also offer customized payment plans, a quick turnaround and delivery time, and leasing options that include regular service calls and repairs by our in-house mechanics and techs.

Our team stays current on all the major brand upgrades, technological advances, and innovations. With our help you will not need to worry about a machine malfunctioning, not starting, or flooding your business. Our team knows how to keep your laundry equipment running smoothly so you can provide efficient and safe cleaning and drying services to your residents or clients.

We are locally owned and operated, with techs and mechanics who are up to date on all top-brand laundry technology and mechanisms. Our professional repair services are available at no additional cost for the entire leasing term. If you purchase laundry machines outright from our team, you may opt into a personalized service and maintenance package that works for your business. To learn more about how our repairs and services work, or if you have any questions about washer repair, please call our team today.

Commercial Laundries Has the Best Commercial Washer for Sale in Fort Myers

If you are looking for a cashless app-operated commercial washer for sale, Fort Myers Commercial Laundries sales associates can help you now. Call us at 239-208-5216 now, and we can guide you in finding the perfect new or used commercial washer, dryer, or accessories for your laundry facility.

We are the largest supplier of laundry equipment to hotels, apartments, and other commercial laundry facilities throughout Florida, with experts in the field who are happy to guide you in your purchase, creating a customized leasing plan, or purchasing with or without a maintenance package. Our centrally located warehouse makes it easy for us to deliver and connect your machines immediately, and reduces repair and maintenance times as we don’t need to wait for parts to ship.

Whether you are furnishing an entire building laundry facility or are searching for a single commercial washer for sale, Fort Myers business owners can count on us to have exactly what you are looking for. We sell all of the top laundry brands, including Speed Queen, Maytag, Miele, and Whirlpool, and will do all we can to create a long-lasting working relationship with your business, call today at 239-208-5216.


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