Commercial Washer Dryer Options in Palm Beach

September 18, 2014 | Categories: Commercial Washer and Dryers

Commercial Washer Dryer Options in Palm BeachAre you searching for powerful, affordable commercial washers and dryers for your Palm Beach self-service laundry room? You’ve come to the right place; Commercial Laundries offers one of the largest selections of commercial washer dryer options in Palm Beach, with a wide variety of makes and models so you can find everything you need to fully equip your laundry room under a single roof. If you are new to commercial laundry room ownership, Commercial Laundries can help you make your equipment selections. Our laundry room experts will determine your tenants’ laundry habits and requirements, assess your laundry room space, and help you select the commercial laundry equipment options that will best meet your needs. With Commercial Laundries’ flexible financing and leasing plans, self-service laundry room ownership is simple and affordable for all multi-family rental property owners, regardless of your level of experience and financial situation!

Commercial Laundries features commercial laundry equipment made by the most respected brands in the industry – Speed Queen, Maytag, and Whirlpool. Our wide variety of commercial laundry equipment options includes:

Commercial Washer Dryer Model Options
The Palm Beach commercial laundry equipment options offered by Commercial Laundries include several different models, to fit laundry rooms of every size, style, and capacity:

  • Front Load Commercial Washers and Dryers
    Large front door openings, high capacity washtubs, and user-friendly operation make ADA-compliant front load commercial washers and dryers ideal for a variety of self-service laundry room operations. Highly water- and energy-efficient, front load laundry equipment provides users with sophisticated cycle options that can safely handle a variety of fabrics and care, making them perfect for upscale condominium complexes that cater to  Palm Beach professionals.

Top Load Commercial Washers and Dryers
Top load laundry machines are the durable mainstays of commercial laundry rooms, able to deliver reliable performance even in heavy use conditions. Simple, easy to operate cycles and affordable load options make top load washers and dryers a popular option for all owners. Commercial Washer Dryer Payment Options
Commercial Laundries’ commercial washers and dryers are available in your choice of payment options:

  • Coin Operated Commercial Washers and Dryers
    Commercial Laundries updates this traditional laundry room payment method with available tiered pricing, allowing owners to adjust prices according to day, time of day, cycle, and other options to maximize laundry room usage and revenue.
  • Smart Card Operated Commercial Laundry Equipment
    Card-operated laundry machines are a popular option for today’s on-the-go residents,  who appreciate the convenience and safety of being able to pay for laundry cycles with just the swipe of a card. Owners benefit from the ability to enact frequent incremental price increases, allowing them to generate higher income without inconveniencing tenants.

Commercial Laundries offers laundry room leasing options, so owners can still obtain quality commercial laundry machines in Palm Beach, even if they are unwilling or unable to invest their working capital at this time.  Our leases include free repair services, while there is a fee to owners who purchase our Palm Beach commercial laundry equipment. Call one of our experienced Sales representatives – we are waiting for your call.

Contact Commercial Laundries today at 305-592-7990 to discover more benefits of outfitting your laundry room with the best commercial washer and dryer options in Palm Beach!

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