Commercial Stackable Washer and Dryer

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Buy or lease stackable commercial washers and dryers to maximize your laundry facility’s potential and revenue.

Stacking your commercial laundry equipment is a great way to save on space and double up on machines.  With an increase in washer and dryer numbers, you will be able to eliminate wait time, increase user satisfaction, and increase your profits.  And if you are wondering about their capabilities and performance, rest assured that they are just as efficient and durable as your traditional side-by-side models.  Get an efficient and innovative commercial stackable washer and dryer or a whole fleet to maximize your investment and earning potential.

Perks of Commercial Stackable Washer and Dryer

Are you in need of more space in your laundry facility or just looking for dependable equipment with the right machine configuration?  Find the best solutions for your onsite laundry amenity and take advantage of the many benefits of stackable commercial washers and dryers.

Space Saving:  Through the unique and ingenious designs of stackable equipment you will save on one of your most valuable assets, space.  Stacking your machines allows you to utilize that otherwise lost space and increase your machine numbers.  Use your floor-to-ceiling volume wisely with these clever front-loading machines. 

Large Capacity:  Many people think that a commercial stackable washer and dryer means smaller machines, however, that is not the case.  You do not have to compromise on capacity, as commercial-grade machines have larger washtubs to accommodate big loads and bulky items up to 21.5 pounds or 9.5 kilos.  And their extra-wide 15.5” door opening, and 180-degree door swing allows your patrons to pack in their laundry with ease.

Efficient:  Stackable units are configured with two front-loading washers or dryers sitting on top of one another.  Don’t be weary or skeptical of their front-loading design as they are just as effective and efficient as top-loading machines, even more so in some respects.  Their clever design is engineered with a high-performance spinning action that evenly distributes laundry, water, and detergent for a balanced and clean laundry result.  And with their 1200 RPM spin speed they exert a 440 g-force to ultimate water extraction and less time in the dryer.  Additionally, these machines are also constructed to require less water making them more energy-efficient than their counterparts.

Durable:  Stackable space-saving commercial washers and dryers are just as durable and reliable as other models, especially when you choose machines from well-known manufacturers.  Take for instance Speed Queen’s stackable washers and dryers, known for their robust construction and innovative features.  Their rugged suspension system is strong and advanced, creating less vibration for quiet laundry loads.  With their stainless-steel washtubs, they are gentle on garments and strong in defending against rust and corrosion. 

ADA Compliant:  Cater to all your residents’ needs with these certified ADA compliant machines.  Because they are font loading, and all controls are at or below 48” they will serve your handicapped population and their requirements.  

Buy or Lease Space Saving Commercial Washers and Dryers from Commercial Laundries.

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