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June 24, 2014 | Categories: Commercial Washer and Dryers

Commercial Stack Washer/DryersHas a lack of space caused you to give up on the idea of adding a self-service laundry room to your apartment building, dormitory, condominium, or other multi-family property? In some highly desirable neighborhoods and crowded inner-city locations, real estate is at such a premium that property owners are unable to clear a large enough area to operate a standard laundry room. If space is a concern in your self-service laundry room, a commercial stacked washer/dryer could be a perfect fit; they have successfully been used to create laundry rooms in the smallest areas.

In the past, commercial stack washer/dryers may not have the necessary capacity, speed, or power to make them a realistic alternative to bulky full-size commercial laundry equipment. Commercial Laundries’ stack washer/dryers are lacking nothing: these machines are fast, powerful, and able to handle full-sized loads without a pause. Stacked units offer a number of benefits to laundry room owners, especially:

Saves Space
Stacked laundry units take up roughly half the amount of floor space that conventional washers and dryers do, allowing you to fit a full-size, high efficiency washer and a super-capacity dryer. Whether you are setting up a new self-service laundry room in a limited space or adding some extra units to your existing commercial laundry equipment, stacked commercial washer/dryers allow you to turn small, unused areas to profitable use.

Lowers Utility Costs
Modern stacked laundry machines offer an energy-efficient, front-load laundry operation. Both the washers and dryer components spin at exceptionally fast speeds; high extraction removes more water, shortening the amount of time and energy necessary to dry the load of laundry. The dryer also spins quickly, drying loads in a short period of time.

Easy Loading
Front-loading doors that open wide (many open 180 degrees) make it easy to wash even bulky, awkward to handle items. Many stackable washer/dryer combinations have doors that can be left- or right-hand mounted, to fit your particular space. Reversible doors may be available on one or both units; glass fronts allow users to monitor progress of their loads.

Pricing Flexibility
Coin operated washer/dryer units tend to be easy to program and operate. Many of the units offer tiered pricing and plus-cycle options so owners can maximize washer revenue. You can set vend prices by day, time, water temperature, and cycle options.

Fast Load Convenience
While Commercial Laundries’ commercial stack washer/dryers are ideal for use in small areas, they are also a profitable addition to standard laundry rooms. Stack washer/dryers process loads quickly, so adding one or more of these units to your laundry room equipment will give your tenants a high-speed option they will appreciate.

In addition to stack washer/dryer combinations, Commercial Laundries offers a full line of new and used commercial laundry equipment, including card- and coin-operated washers and dryers, available in top and front load models. As Florida’s largest family owned coin-and card-operated laundry solutions provider, we have helped thousands of property owners create self-service laundry room solutions of all sizes, from large full-scale facilities to small laundry solutions. Commercial Laundries offers several purchasing and leasing options available, and we will be glad to create a customized laundry room solution to fit your particular space and budgetary needs.

Contact us today at 855.254-WASH (9274) and let Commercial Laundries’ laundry room experts create a customized small laundry solution for your facility today!

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