Commercial Laundry Leasing

Get the onsite laundry facility you’ve always wanted with affordable commercial laundry leasing

Commercial Laundry LeasingTo compensate for the high cost of commercial laundry equipment that you will need to build a laundry facility, you may way to consider commercial laundry leasing. Whether you are planning to launch a Laundromat or a laundry facility for your multi-housing property, you want to create a cost effective, energy efficient facility. You can start out small by purchasing a few machines, but why limit your income stream if you don’t really have to? A commercial laundry facility is a lucrative business investment that you can have today without the high costs.

By leasing commercial laundry equipment you can have the streamlined facility you always dreamed of, with new, matching machines that offer the latest technological advancements with a minimum amount of investment on your part. Leasing programs are tax deductible and are the best way for you to start a new commercial laundry business. Commercial Laundries is an industry leader in Florida that offers a variety of lease option programs. We can customize a leasing program for you that will meet your needs and your budget, and give you the opportunity to begin collecting money from a new revenue stream. If you are the owner of a multi-housing property, the addition of a retail laundry facility will add a desirable new amenity for your tenants to enjoy and also attract new tenants to your property. And in addition to adding a lucrative revenue stream, your new facility will increase your property value also. It is a win-win situation all the way around.

When you lease commercial laundry equipment from us, you can select matching models to make your facility look modern and sleek. You won’t have eyesores of old, mismatched washers and dryers that may be on their last leg. Our machines are dependable and offer a high performance level due to technological advancements in the commercial laundry industry. We offer front and top loaders and also stackable machines for facilities with a limited amount of space. Our machines are manufactured by such reputable brands such as Maytag, Speed Queen and Whirlpool and are Energy Star certified to give you energy efficiency.

Looking to save money while generating revenue? Our leased commercial laundry equipment will save you money on water, gas, sewer and electric costs, and also eliminate waste and reduce energy usage. You will also receive, free of charge, regular maintenance visits from one of our technicians to make sure that your machines are operating efficiently and at peak performance. We keep your laundry facility humming and take the worry and stress off your shoulders. Your only job will be to regularly collect your income that is produced from your new facility.

Commercial Laundries also offers free installation to existing facilities on all leased commercial laundry equipment. We employ and insure our own team of technicians and mechanics who must attend continuing education classes to stay knowledgeable of changing technology in our industry. We assign each client their own personal technician for them to become comfortable with. We find that this arrangement works best because it builds rapport and also gives your technician a chance to familiarize himself with your facility and its needs. Another benefit of leasing your laundry equipment from us is that you will also receive free repair services including parts on all leased laundry machines. As a commercial laundry leasing company we really do take the worry and guesswork out of your daily laundry facility operation, different from the others laundry equipment leasing companies.

If you would like to take advantage of all the benefits of leasing your commercial laundry equipment contact Commercial Laundries, Inc. today at 305-699-3970.

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