Leasing Commercial Laundry Equipment

Decrease your facility’s laundry costs with by leasing commercial laundry equipment

Leasing Commercial Laundry EquipmentAre you the owner or property manager of a commercial or industrial facility, restaurant or catering hall, hospital or other health facility that deals with constant, large loads of laundry? If so, implementing an onsite laundry area can drastically lower your cleaning costs. In fact, many owners see a decrease in laundry costs by as much as 50 percent! When leasing commercial laundry equipment from Commercial Laundries, you can build the exact laundry area your property needs and stay within your budget.

For multi-housing rental property owners or managers, having industrial laundry equipment onsite also offers a wide range of benefits. First, you can instantly upgrade and transform your property, making it attractive to more tenants who are looking for this top tier amenity. Second, you instantly add an additional revenue stream. And third, when leasing commercial laundry equipment, you aren’t paying upfront for all of the equipment. You will have a customizable lease that works for your needs and budget. Plus, you will have peace of mind as every Commercial Laundry lease program offers free maintenance and service on every machine. This helps your machines run at optimal efficiency and in proper working order without any money out of your pocket!

If you have decided that an industrial laundry equipment lease is the right choice for your property, you will have several laundry options to choose from. First, which type of washer and dryer combination is right for your tenant or commercial/industrial facility? At Commercial Laundries, we offer stackables, front loading and top loading equipment in order to help you find the right make and model for your needs. We also stock only the top brand names in laundry, such as Whirlpool, Speed Queen and Maytag. By working with these manufacturers, we can assure our clients that they are receiving only the best equipment that is long lasting, reliable and efficient. Here is more specific information on some of our available equipment:

  1. Stackables are the efficient and space saving solutions for areas that are small on space. With most stackable equipment taking up half the floor space of traditional equipment, you can still get top efficiency and power in a smaller sized washer or dryer.
  2. Front loaders are made with the latest in laundry technology and are considered the highest efficiency equipment available. In addition, front loaders save on energy, electric, detergent and water and are also ADA compliant for those with mobility issues. These are the ideal choice for those conscious about the environment.
  3. Top loading equipment is perhaps those most well known in laundry equipment and has made a reputation for itself of being heavy duty, durable and able to handle continuous large loads of laundry. This is a very popular option among families with children who have copious amounts of laundry!

Upgrading your property or facility has never been easier. Speak to a Commercial Laundries representative to learn more about our customizable leasing commercial laundry equipment options and which would work best for your needs.

Contact Commercial Laundries at 1-855-254-WASH (9274) today and let us help you lower your laundry costs, transform your property or add another revenue stream to your business!