Washer and Dryer Leasing


Washer and Dryer LeasingEntice future renters with washer and dryer leasing 

Is it time to freshen up your current onsite laundry facility? Or, are you seeking to install a new commercial laundry area to entice future tenants and increase tenant retention? If so, washer and dryer leasing may be the right choice for you! From apartments and condominiums to senior housing, hospitals, dormitories and more, Commercial Laundries will work alongside you to find the ideal commercial washers and dryers that will meet both your needs and the needs of your tenants. There is no better way to generate extra income and appeal to future renters than by offering a hot amenity.

Speaking of amenities, did you know that onsite laundry areas usually land in the top three of sought after amenities when renters are surveyed? Having equipment onsite helps relieve stress and allows tenants to save money, gas and energy by having to visit an offsite location. Plus, it can also be an opportunity for you as a building owner to earn extra revenue. With flexible options to set load pricing depending on busy days, times, etc., you have control over what you can earn.

If you are thinking this sounds terrific but are unsure how you can finance your new onsite laundry area, washer and dryer leasing may be the perfect solution. Laundry equipment leasing allows you to provide tenants with onsite laundry without breaking the bank. Speak to one of our skilled and trusted team members about our leasing and financing options. Whether you are purchasing or leasing, we will work with you and design a finance plan that will work with your budget and needs. Plus, Commercial Laundries also offers used commercial washers and dryers, to help those with a smaller budget. If you are unsure about purchasing used equipment, let us put your fears to rest. Every piece of used equipment is rigorously tested by our fulltime, certified technicians. If the washer or dryer is not in good condition, it is not offered to our customers. Plus, we back every piece of used equipment with a solid warranty.

We believe you will find everything you need for your new or updated laundry facility in our incredible 15,000 square foot warehouse. From stackables, top loaders and front loading equipment, our experienced representatives will help you decide which type of equipment will work best for your tenant demographic, available space and budget.

Washer and dryer leasing is not only affordable but also makes coin collection a breeze, thanks to our coin vaults that come in a variety of sizes. Extra large coin vaults are ideal for property owners who cannot collect coins on a regular basis. Plus, we only offer coin vaults to our customers that are designed with theft and tamper deterrent construction.

So, what are you waiting for? Isn’t now the time to upgrade your multi-housing rental property, appeal to a larger pool of potential renters, and provide another way to earn extra revenue? With help from the leaders in commercial laundry, all of this and more is possible. Let us come to your physical location and analyze your current space and needs, and take your budget and tenant demographic into consideration. We also offer a free utility assessment, so you have a better understanding as to which areas in your building are causing inefficiencies and possibly higher utility costs.

Learn more about washer and dryer leasing today by calling Commercial Laundries at 1-855-254-WASH. New or used washer and dryer leasing is available at an affordable price, to help bring your property to the next level!