Commercial Laundry Equipment Leasing

March 31, 2016 | Categories: Laundry Equipment , Laundry equipment leasing

Upgrading your property is easy with commercial laundry equipment leasing

Commercial Laundry Equipment LeasingHave you been on the lookout for commercial laundry lease equipment but weren’t sure where to start? Whether you are planning to upgrade your multi-housing rental property to entice more tenants, or you need to transform a college dormitory to attract more students, Commercial Laundries has the ideal lease program for you.  Commercial laundry equipment leasing is easy when you partner with the leaders in the industry. Leasing is a large portion of our business and we understand many property owners cannot fund an entire laundry facility out of pocket, all at one time. With our customized leasing plans, now you don’t have to!

Your personalized leasing program will be based on your property’s needs, budget, available space, how much revenue you hope to generate and more. You will partner with one of our skilled and trusted laundry experts who will share with you which equipment makes and models may work best for your tenants and laundry needs. Our 15,000 square foot warehouse stocks just about any washer and dryer you can think of. And, we only stock commercial laundry lease equipment made from the top names in the industry such as Whirlpool, Maytag and Speed Queen. Why are these names so important to us? Well, we know these companies have built solid reputations for building the strongest and most reliable machines in the business. No matter what type of washer or dryer you choose from our selection, you will be met with durable, long-lasting and finely crafted machinery.

Is your property short on space but in need of its own onsite laundry area? If so, consider our stackable commercial laundry lease equipment. Stackables take up half the floor space of traditional laundry equipment but have proved themselves to be just as powerful and efficient. Their small size makes them ideal for properties who do not have an abundance of available space but have a need to offer this top tier amenity to tenants.

If more traditional laundry equipment is what you are seeking, learn more about our top loading washers and dryers. Heavy-duty, top loaders are built to last and are an extremely affordable laundry option, perfect for young families with children who have abundant laundry demands.

Front loading machines are made with the latest technology and are crafted to be the most efficient in terms of water, energy, electric and detergent. These machines are an ideal option for property owner’s who have environmentally conscious tenants or tenants with mobility issues, as these machines are ADA compliant.

No matter which commercial laundry equipment lease option you choose, you can rest assured you will be receiving top tier machines that will perform and help transform your property to a new level. Having an onsite laundry area is a top tier amenity expected by most renters. Isn’t it time your property stood out from the rest in your community?

Let Commercial Laundries upgrade your property by helping you implement an onsite laundry facility with a customized commercial laundry equipment lease. Not only will you taking advantage of an affordable way to offer this amenity to tenants, but you will also be creating a way for your business to generate additional revenue! Plus, keep in mind that all of our leased laundry equipment is serviced and maintained by our certified technicians at no extra charge to you. This ongoing maintenance assures your equipment is in top-notch working order and prevents any issues down the road.

If it is time to transform your multi-housing rental property, commercial business, dormitory, etc., contact Commercial Laundries today at 1-855-254-WASH (9274). Our customizable commercial laundry equipment leasing programs might just be the way to set your property apart from the rest!

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