Commercial Laundry Equipment Leases

Upgrade dormitories and rental properties with commercial laundry equipment leases.


Commercial Laundry Equipment LeasesWhether you are searching for an amenity to upgrade a college dormitory or a multi-housing rental unit, commercial laundry equipment leases are the way to go. Commercial laundry equipment offers both you and your property’s occupants an abundance of benefits. First, you are upgrading your property instantly by providing a highly sought-after amenity. Plus, you are generating an additional revenue stream without having to spend a large amount of money upfront, out of pocket. In addition, you help set apart your property or facility from others who do not offer this top amenity.

At Commercial Laundries, a large portion of our business resides in our customizable commercial laundry equipment leases. Our clients come from a wide variety of business and property ownerships and backgrounds, from multi-housing rental properties and commercial facilities to college dormitories, senior housing, hospitals and more. Restaurants and catering halls also are big fans of our lease programs. To get started, you will speak to one of our experienced and trusted laundry experts who can help you decide which lease type would work best for your property and needs.

Commercial Laundries supplies only top name brands to clients who want to take part in our lease program options. From Whirlpool, Maytag and Speed Queen makes and models, our customers know they are getting heavy duty, reliable and efficient washing machines and dryers. Plus, with our coin operated or card operated payment options, you can decide which would work best with your tenant demographic and desires. Coin operated machines are more traditional in the laundry world and consist of coin sliders that take payment and coin vaults that hold change until it is collected. Because many of our clients have busy schedules and cannot collect coins on a regular basis, we have extra large coin vault options that are constructed with the latest technology to deter theft and tampering.

Card operated options come with Smartcards for each occupant and a CleanPay kiosk that will reside in your onsite laundry facility. Tenants refill their Smartcards via their debit or credit card using the CleanPay kiosk. This offers them the option of not carrying around cash or coin when they are doing their laundry. It also offers you, the business or property owner, easily archived sales records that are electronically delivered saving you enormous amounts of time on bookkeeping and accounting.

In addition to all of these options, Commercial Laundries also offers new and used makes and models. Our 15,000 square foot, fully stocked warehouse contains just about every laundry machine imaginable. Plus, all of our used equipment is thoroughly tested and inspected by our certified, full time technicians. Last, we also offer a solid warranty for all of our clients who choose our used commercial laundry equipment and commercial laundry services.

With stackable, top loading and front-loading equipment available in our affordable and convenient lease programs, now may be the best time to start offering this top amenity in your facility or property!

Contact Commercial Laundries today at 1-855-254-WASH (9274) to learn more about commercial laundry equipment leases and which makes and models would work in your facility and for your tenants needs. We look forward to helping you upgrade and transform your property.