Commercial Laundry Equipment for a Florida University

commercial laundry equipment for dorms

New Washing Machines Are Better Than Ever

Universities have a busy atmosphere with thousands of students on campus. The high volume of students residing in dorms means that there will be countless loads of laundry being completed on a daily basis. To prepare your university for the increased demand for laundry services, you’ll want to have efficient commercial laundry equipment for your Florida universities. At Commercial Laundries, we offer top-quality washing machines and dryers that are built to withstand the increased number of loads at a university campus’ while producing premium cleaning on all clothing and linens.

At Commercial Laundries, Florida Universities can choose from a number of leading brand names in laundry technology like Maytag, Whirlpool, Miele, and Speed Queen. The evolution of laundry equipment has created newer models that include a wide variety of functions that increase the efficiency and performance of washing machines and dryers. These specific features enable you to complete your loads of laundry in a timely fashion while selecting functions that increase the high-powered cleanliness of your wash cycles, all while maintaining the integrity and vibrancy of colors within each load.

Commercial Laundries for Colleges offers affordable options for new and/or used laundry equipment. Whether you lease or buy your laundry equipment, you’ll be provided with superior customer service from our experienced sales team. We’re dedicated to helping you find the right laundry equipment that keeps your students satisfied and laundry rooms running smoothly.

Where to Lease Commercial Laundry Equipment for a University in Florida

Leasing commercial laundry equipment is an ideal choice for many universities and colleges nationwide. You have the ability to keep your laundry equipment current with new models that are well-maintained and offer superior functions and efficiencies. Florida Universities around the state trust Commercial Laundries as their leading laundry distributors for leasing commercial equipment.

Our team of reliable customer service sales representatives and laundry technicians carefully review each washing machine and dryer to ensure that you’re receiving top-quality products meant to withstand high volumes of usage.

As you’re preparing to equip your campus with laundry equipment, our team takes the time to get to know the specific needs your campus has to find you laundry equipment that is perfect for your students and faculty. We offer budget-friendly options that enable you to access laundry machines that offer features of eco-friendly machines, coin or card-operated payment options, and any other needs to match the demand from your campus.

5 Features to Look for in New Commercial Laundry Equipment for a University Campus

There are a variety of features in newer commercial laundry machines that are designed to increase the efficiency of your laundry cycles. When you’re choosing commercial laundry equipment for a Florida University Campus, there are certain factors you may want to consider that will reach the needs of the large student population and faculty that utilize your laundry facility.

  1. Environmentally friendly laundry equipment: Choosing laundry machines that are designed to be eco-friendly means that your costs of operation will decrease. The lowered amount of water and energy needed to run through each cycle keeps the cost of your utility bills down allowing you to operate a functioning laundry room within your budget.
  2. Higher efficiency in laundry cycles: The specific features in each washing machine and dryer load means that each load can be completed in less time. Patrons can complete their laundry in a timely manner allowing for higher traffic to utilize the laundry machines each day.
  3. Higher revenue potential: By choosing a newer commercial laundry machine, you’ll have the comfort of knowing that your washing machines and dryers can complete cycles quickly and efficiently. The more patrons that access your laundry room each day means that your potential revenue increases.
  4. Reliable, durable machines: When you opt for newer models of laundry equipment, you’ll have the peace of mind that your laundry machines are built to last. Even with the high volume of usage, your laundry machines can withstand consistent loads of laundry and maintain high performance in each load.
  5. Flexible options for payment: Commercial Laundries supplies both card-operated and coin-operated machines. Each option offers quick and simple methods of payment. Depending on the needs of your campus, you can choose the option that best suits your clientele. Card-operated machines can be ideal for students with options to load their smart cards through mobile apps.

Why Leasing from Commercial Laundries Can Be Beneficial

Leasing washing machines can be an affordable option for laundry equipment. Leasing provides you with the choice of getting newer models to choose from at a price that is right for your budget. Options for top-quality machines from leading name brands like Speed Queen, Miele, Maytag, and Whirlpool are available right at your fingertips. At Commercial Laundries, we lease laundry equipment to Florida Universities that is designed to last. You will have the option to choose from high-powered features that increase the functionality of your laundry facility.

We offer onsite installation, meaning our team of highly skilled technicians will come to your facility to install your leased laundry equipment as part of your leasing contract. We’ll set up your machines and have your laundry room up and running without hassle. We also supply ongoing maintenance. We’re dedicated to the success of your commercial laundry facility and want to make sure that you are getting the most out of your business. After leasing with us, our laundry technicians complete regular routine maintenance checks on your laundry machines to ensure that your operations remain smooth and successful.

Should you experience any maintenance or technical concerns with the operation of your commercial laundry machine, our team will attend your laundry facility within 48 hours to assess and complete any needed repairs or maintenance allowing for little disruption to your daily operations.

Call Us for the Best Commercial Laundry Equipment for Your Florida University Laundry Facility

Commercial Laundries has been a trusted name in laundry machine distribution since 1972. We are passionate about providing Florida Universities and residents with high-quality laundry machines and top-rated customer service. We strive to provide premium services at affordable rates that work within all budgets. Call our sales team today, 407-588-0209 to hear more about the large selection of commercial washing machines and dryers available for your laundry facility and enhance the satisfaction on your campus now


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