Coinless Washer and Dryer Options in Miami

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If you’re researching coinless app operated washer and dryer options for your laundry business in Miami, you’ve come to the experts. Keep scrolling to find more information on our coinless payment options.

  How Does a Coinless Washer and Dryer Accept Payment?

At Commercial Laundries Inc., we pride ourselves on being on top of the latest and greatest technology that equipment manufacturers have to offer. The new trends see the laundry industry moving from physical payment systems to virtual ones. The benefits of cashless payment are numerous, but the biggest one is that if you don’t have coins, you won’t have problems with theft. That translates into your washers and dryers not being damaged in the theft process. The second most significant benefit is the ability to remotely monitor the status of your laundry room. Using a cashless payment system makes things like increasing prices, offering promotions, and even tracking your revenue as simple as a touch of a button.

At our properties, we use an app called CleanPay Mobile for our coinless laundry systems. Your clients will download the app to their smartphones and register for an account. Users will then select their preferred payment method and deposit funds into their CleanPay account. To start their washer or dryer, users will scan a QR code on the machine and confirm their selection to start their cycle.

  Can a Coinless Washer and Dryer Still Accept Coin Payment?

If your business model needs to service both cashless and coin systems for clients in Miami, we have options incorporating both of these methods. Our Speed Queen commercial front-loading washer comes with the coin drop installed and preparation for both coin and card payment. Speed Queen also offers these features in their stackable washing machine. We can upgrade most commercial laundry equipment from coin to card, meaning you don’t need to invest in new machines to benefit from the technology.

Call our sales team at (407) 986-1410 to request a free quote on converting your existing equipment to accept card payments and coins.

  Top 4 Brands of Coinless Washers and Dryers in Miami

With over 50 years of experience in the sales and service of commercial laundry equipment, we’re confident that the brands we offer are the best in the business. We offer new or used commercial washers and dryers and provide a limited warranty on refurbished machines. Here is a list of our top brands:

  1. Maytag: A brand with over 100 years of experience founded in 1893, the Maytag name is synonymous with reliability. Commercials featuring the Maytag repairman “Ol lonely,” with nothing to do, are an  iconic metaphor for a professional whose services are rarely needed. When you select Maytag as the brand you use in your business, you’ll know that every detail, from bolts to belts, is manufactured to the highest quality standards. New Maytag machines come with a 5-year warranty.

  2. Speed Queen: With over 100 years of experience manufacturing laundry equipment, Speed Queen is one of the most reliable brands made in America. Rugged, dependable, and built to last, Speed Queen offers maximum profits and cycles that clean in minimum time. Speed Queen offers card and coin payment, and models built to feature both systems. New Speed Queen machines come with a 3-year warranty.

  3. Miele: A family-run business, like our own, since its inception in 1899! Miele has long been associated with higher-quality appliances. Economical and efficient, Miele commercial equipment is sure to impress with low consumption values. With their patented pre-spin technology and modern features, Miele offers the cleanest cleans.

Whirlpool: With dozens of appliance brands under its belt, Whirlpool is a laundry equipment magnate. Whirlpool offers energy-efficient machines and provides exceptional value. All new Whirlpool washers and dryers come with a 3-year warranty.

  Can I Lease a Coinless Washer and Dryer in Miami?

We are pleased to offer leasing plans to our clients and will customize the leasing program to suit your needs as an individual. Apartments and condominiums that provide on-site laundry facilities are much more desirable than those that do not, and our multi-housing leasing plans will add value to your property. Our on-premise laundry leasing options can significantly reduce costs if your business includes laundering linens, such as a nursing home, hotel, or motel. Leasing durable, tough machines for university or college campuses is a must, as machines go through rigorous use. Our academic leasing plan will be a revenue generator for your organization, and our maintenance schedule will keep your appliances in tip-top shape. The maintenance plan is free when leasing commercial washer and dryers from us.

  Commercial Laundries is Ready to Upgrade Your Laundry Room to a Coinless Washer and Dryer Today!

Commercial Laundries Inc. is the largest supplier of commercial laundry equipment in Florida, with machines in over one thousand locations. Our sales and maintenance teams are experts at what they do, and pride themselves on offering excellent customer service to you and your users. As a family-owned and operated business, your experience with Commercial Laundries Inc. will be much more personalized than with a corporate environment.

We provide a free utility analysis to ensure your laundry room is operating at peak performance and profitability. Call us at 305-592-7990 to receive a free quote and bring your laundry facility into the future.

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