Best Types of Leasing Options for Commercial Laundry Equipment

January 27, 2021 | Categories: Lease Commercial Laundry Equipment

Best Types of Leasing Options for Commercial Laundry Equipment

Check out the different leasing options for commercial laundry equipment and their financial freedoms when you partner with a reliable commercial laundry supplier.

When providing your residents with an on-premises laundry facility, there are a few directions you could go in.  You can choose to purchase your equipment outright, take out a loan, or lease.  Owning comes with autonomy but with that, there comes a lot more financial responsibilities that you might not think of right off the bat.  That is why it is important to explore all your leasing options for commercial laundry equipment and decide on the best course for you and your amenity.  We are here to tell you how to lease commercial laundry machines and reap all the benefits with a dependable commercial laundry distributor and specialist technicians by your side.

Buy or Lease Commercial Laundry Equipment

Purchasing new commercial grade equipment can be costly.  More often than not, owners try to save funding by purchasing inferior equipment that does not reach the high standards and demands of everyday use.  These machines may seem like money-savers, but they will end up costing so much more in the end with their repair and maintenance costs.  Not to mention their longevity will have you replacing them in no time.  When you decide to lease commercial laundry equipment, you will not only get premium equipment at an affordable rate, but you will also get the full support of a laundry specialist company and all their knowledge.

Lease Commercial Grade Premium Machines with a Laundry Specialist

When you lease equipment from a laundry specialist you will get premium machines that are constructed to endure the harsh treatment of daily and constant use.  Their robust construction and large washtubs are just what your residents need to get the job done.  With quality washers and dryers from Maytag, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool, you will be impressed with their innovative features and advanced design that delivers on performance.

Complimentary Delivery and Installation

When setting up a new laundry facility, installation costs alone can cost upwards of $1,000 per unit.  But when you lease commercial laundry equipment, all delivery and installations are free of charge.  This includes electrical cords, water hoses, and machine filters, saving you a bundle on initial set up fees.  Get free delivery and thorough installation by professional technicians with Commercial Laundries.

Free Service and Maintenance

Upkeep is pivotal when it comes to keeping an optimally functioning laundry facility.  Aside from daily equipment maintenance, your machines are going to need to be routinely checked and serviced which will add up.  But not when you lease your washers and dryers with Commercial Laundries.  All our commercial laundry lease programs come with free service and maintenance for the lifetime of your contract.  One of our skilled technicians will visit your on-site facility often to perform regular servicing and repairs.

Team of Laundry Specialists

When one of your machines is acting up or needs some unexpected repairs, you never want to wait too long to have it looked at.  With us at Commercial Laundries, all our repair and service calls are taken care of that day or the next day, to assure your laundry amenity is operating at full capacity.  Our skilled and reliable technicians come fully prepared with their stocked utility vans and they also have access to our huge warehouse with premium parts and inventory for speedy repairs.

How to Lease Commercial Laundry Machines with Commercial Laundries

Here at Commercial Laundries, you will always receive premium equipment and our first-class customer service.  We have many leasing options for commercial laundry equipment to meet any budget.  Contact us today at, (855) 254-9274 to find out more about how to lease commercial laundry machines and reap all the benefits or click here for a free estimate.

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