Orlando Coinless Washing Machines: Where to Find the Best Commercial Models

Orlando Coinless Washing Machines - Where to Find the Best Commercial Models

No Coins, No Problem!

Operating a commercial laundry facility in Orlando comes with a high demand for top-quality machines that are easy for patrons to operate with convenient methods of payment. Historically, commercial laundry facilities have operated with coin-operated laundry machines that only rely on coin payments with no flexibility in methods of payment. This often left patrons scrambling to search for change in order to complete their laundry in a timely fashion. While cash was a common method of payment years ago, the advancement of the digital era has seen a rise in versatile digital payment options leading many to opt out of carrying any cash on their person anymore. 

The evolution of commercial laundry machines has seen an increase in washers and dryers offering residents of Orlando coinless washing machines and dryers that allow you to complete your laundry through a number of payment methods that avoid the use of coins. Commercial Laundries has a number of top-brand name machines that offer high-quality functions and efficiencies that will provide you with an optimal clean for all linens and clothes. 

How Do Coinless Washing Machines in Orlando Work?

Operating a coinless washing machine and dryer is simple to navigate for you and your patrons. There are two different forms of payment available for a coinless washing machine and dryer that your customers or tenants can choose from. The first method of payment is used within a smart card function. In order to load a smart card, patrons will treat it like a credit card, money will be loaded onto the card to be used as payment for each laundry cycle. Patrons will choose the dollar amount that they load and have the credit on the laundry card. Once the smart card is loaded, it is simple and easy to use with each laundry cycle. To use the card, you simply have to slide the card into the scanner located on the washing machine or dryer. After the scanner reads the card, the laundry machine will be ready for use and patrons can then load their laundry in the machine and begin the cycle as they would normally. Each laundry transaction will be stored within the card allowing commercial laundry owners the ability to keep track of the money being spent within your commercial laundry facility. 

The second form of payment is used through a Smartphone Laundry Payment App. These apps will be designed to sync your payments from your banking account and loaded into your laundry app account. App users will be able to select the amount of money that they want to load on their account and apply the credit to the app to be used freely within the laundry facility. Once you have loaded the value to the laundry app, you will be ready to use the washing machines and dryers. Activating the coinless washing machines and dryers is a simple process. All you have to do is scan the QR code within the app to the scanner on the laundry machine. Once the scanner has read your account, it will charge the fee to your account and enable you to select the laundry cycles needed and begin your laundry cycles immediately. 

No matter which option you choose to use, paying for laundry facilities has never been easier and more convenient. Having versatile options of payment will enable you to increase the traffic within your laundry facilities and offer top-quality services for all patrons while increasing customer satisfaction. 

Can Customers Still Use Coins with Orlando Coinless Washing Machines? 

While the world continues to evolve into the digital era away from cash payment transactions, there are still some people that would prefer to have the option of cash payment methods. At Commercial Laundries, we strive to provide our customers with high-quality laundry machines that will meet the growing needs of your customers, including various methods of payment. There are options to have washing machines and dryers that will have the ability to accept coin payment methods along with smart card or smartphone app payments. If you are seeking commercial laundry machines that offer a combination of payment methods, our team will support you in finding top-name brand machines that will enable your customers to pay in the method that suits them the best allowing you to meet the demands and needs of all of your patrons. 

5 Modern Benefits of New Coinless Washing Machines in Orlando 

Upgrading to modern, coinless washing machines and dryers offers a number of benefits that go beyond faster and more accessible methods of payment. The advancements in laundry machines have proven to provide efficient functions that optimize your cleaning cycle and product. In Orlando, coinless washing machines and dryers provide the following benefits: 

  1. Overall better performance for each laundry cycle. Newer, modern washing machines and dryers are equipped with various functions and cycle options that can be changed to meet the cycle needs of each load you put in the laundry machine. 
  2. Higher efficiency levels. Many modern washing machines and dryers have been designed to be eco-friendly meaning that the goal is to use less energy and resources within each laundry cycle. As you use less water, energy, and resources, the washing machines and dryers will complete your load in a timely and efficient manner. 
  3. Reduced costs of operating the machines. As the laundry equipment uses less water or energy, it helps to reduce the utility costs associated with running a commercial laundry facility. 
  4. Increase profits within your commercial laundry business. Having diverse payment options for your patrons helps provide a service that all people can use regardless of whether or not they have cash. With easy accessibility,  your commercial laundry facility will be a top choice for customers and help them return to your facility on a regular basis. 
  5. Improve the appearance of your commercial laundry facility and enhance customer satisfaction. Owning modern commercial laundry equipment helps to enhance the aesthetics of your facility. It helps to provide your customers with the satisfaction of knowing that you are dedicated to providing top-quality machines to all of your customers. This helps to bring loyalty from customers as they can trust that you have their best interest in mind for maintaining a functional and efficient commercial laundry facility. 

Commercial Laundries Has the Top Models of Orlando Coinless Washing Machines

If you are seeking an upgrade for your commercial washer equipment and are seeking coinless washing machines and dryers, our dedicated team will help you find the best models to meet the growing need of your laundry facility. 

We offer leading brand names in laundry equipment including Speed Queen, Miele, Maytag, or Whirlpool that will offer you modern designs and top-quality cycle options that will leave your customers happy and content with their experience within your facility. Call our sales team at 1-305-699-3974 to locate the perfect washing machines and dryers for your commercial laundry facility today. 

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