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When you own an apartment or condo building, you have a responsibility and desire to create optimal living spaces for your tenants. A key piece of daily living is having access to laundry machines that are efficient and meet the demands of a multi-housing facility. The high number of people living in shared complexes means that your laundry equipment will be used frequently. To meet the consistent demand for these machines, you want to have reliable, durable machines to withstand the growing needs and demands of your tenants. 

At Commercial Laundries, we have a wide selection of new and used commercial washer and dryers for Fort Myers residents. If you’re looking for washing machines and dryers for your commercial space, we have several top brands of laundry equipment for lease or to buy. When you choose to get your washing machines and dryers with us, you’ll be provided with regular service and maintenance checks to ensure that your tenants have access to superior laundry machines at all times. 

5 Signs That It’s Time to Upgrade Your Laundry Equipment

Laundry machines continue to evolve – offering new features and functions that make a laundry cycle faster and more effective. To continue to provide the residents of your condo or apartment building with top-quality machines, you must be mindful of the state of your laundry equipment and when it’s time to consider an upgrade in models to keep the tenants happy and satisfied with their laundry experience. There are specific signs to be on the lookout for that will indicate to you that your washing machines and dryers require an upgrade. 

  • Your laundry machines look out of date or worn down. Over time, the more use your laundry equipment gets, the more it will show the wear and tear it’s experiencing. With high volumes of people using your machines, the appearance and integrity of your machines will start to show. This can be an indicator that you need a newer model that can withstand larger usage rates. 
  • Laundry machines are going out of order more often. As time goes on with commercial laundry machines that are used frequently, you can begin to experience technical and mechanical operating issues that require maintenance checks and repairs. If your machines are requiring higher levels of repairs, it demonstrates that your machines may need to be upgraded to ensure that your machines can remain in good, running condition for all of your tenants. 
  • Your residents are asking for technology improvements for the laundry machines provided. Newer models of washing machines and dryers have several modern features that enhance the washing and drying cycles. There are options for wireless connection, smart-operated machines, and card-operated or app-operated payment options. These new features enable laundry to be completed faster and efficiently, and with specific cycle options that are designed to thoroughly clean all types of fabrics and clothing. 
  • The cost of your utilities has increased. When laundry equipment begins to become dated, the energy levels they require to function at a good operational level will dramatically increase. This results in higher water and electricity bills from your building. The newer laundry machines have eco-friendly settings that focus on utilizing less energy while providing a high-powered, effective clean. 
  • The needs of your tenants aren’t being met. If you have a multi-housing facility, residents want to complete laundry when they need to, without having to experience long wait times for others to complete their laundry cycles. The innovative designs of new laundry machines allow for faster wash and dry cycles increasing the traffic flow in your laundry room.

5 Benefits of Upgrading to New Commercial Washers and Dryers

If you’ve noticed signs that your commercial laundry machines require upgrades, there are several benefits that your apartment or condo building will have after having new laundry machines brought in. 

  • Improved wash quality. An upgraded washing machine has various clean cycle functions that are specifically designed to clean clothing effectively from any dirt, stains, or dander. The specific cycles offer cycle speeds, intense wash settings, and stain removers that offer a cleaning cycle with precision and accuracy. 
  • Better efficiency in cleans. The laundry cycles in new machines are equipped with technology that ensures an effective cleaning within a reduced time frame. The fast-acting cycles target unwanted stains and specks of dirt to provide a fresh, clean product at the end of each cycle. 
  • Reduce the operational costs of your commercial laundry facility. The eco-friendly settings on newer laundry equipment allow for the same quality cleaning without the high use of power and water. In a shared housing complex, this offers essential savings in your cost of operating allowing you to focus your money on other necessary improvements within the condo or apartment building. 
  • Improved the appearance of your laundry room. First impressions are important and having newer laundry equipment gives off a clean, professional setting. Residents can see that you take pride in the facilities offered allowing them to feel confident that their needs and experiences matter to you. 
  • Increase in customer satisfaction. Efficient laundry machines can increase the overall satisfaction of your patrons. They know that they can rely on your laundry facility for all of their needs and won’t look elsewhere for their laundry needs. 

A Look at Top Brands

Commercial Laundries is proud to offer Fort Myers residents leading brand names for laundry equipment. These reputable brands offer leading technologies, advanced washing and drying settings, and fast, efficient cycles. 

  • Maytag: This reputable company has been long known for its superior quality in laundry machines. These machines are designed to fight grease and grime while providing high-powered stain removal that leaves your clothes looking brand new. 
  • Speed Queen: A leading brand name in laundry services for the customizable controls and settings that are ideal for any commercial laundry facility. Speed Queen machines offer innovative features and technologies that make completing laundry a breeze. 
  • Whirlpool: This trusted brand name is known for the robust laundry machines that are designed to withstand high volume usage and provide top-quality cleans for each cycle. All machines are designed to be energy efficient with automatic sensors and controls that work to reduce your energy usage and minimize the operational costs of your machine. 

Not Ready to Buy? Leasing Washers and Dryers is a Great Option

If you’re looking for options for upgrading your laundry machines but aren’t seeking to buy new machines, there are leasing options available that offer affordable payments for high-quality machines. Commercial Laundries offers a leasing program to Fort Myers residents that will allow you to choose top brand names for laundry equipment that can be delivered to your multi-housing unit from our team. You’ll have the option of leasing coin-operated or card-operated machines that feature the latest in innovative designs and technologies

Fort Myers customers that are seeking leasing options, will be invited to receive rewards from our leasing program. You’ll have access to our maintenance team anytime you need them. If you experience mechanical or technical concerns, our team will come to your site to provide free maintenance to your machines. We often provide our leasing customers with signing bonuses or money that can go towards laundry room upgrades after you resign a leasing contract. We’re dedicated to providing your commercial laundry room with the highest quality machines so that your customers remain happy with their laundry experiences. 

Commercial Laundries Has the Best Commercial Washer and Dryer in Fort Myers

Commercial Laundries has the best equipment for your laundry facilities that are guaranteed to make your customers happy with their laundry experiences. Our team is available to provide routine maintenance checks and offer over-the-phone support to ensure that your laundry room operations maintain smooth, stable business. We care about our customers and the success of your commercial laundry business. 

Call us at (239) 307-0623 to begin the process of choosing the right laundry equipment for your condo or apartment building today.  

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