Best Card Operated Laundry Machines in Fort Myers

card operated laundry machines in Fort Myers

Buy commercial laundry machines in Fort Myers for their accessibility, cleanliness, and security

Card operated washers and dryers are easy to use and even simpler to monitor. Your patrons will be grateful for their simplicity and convenient features, while you will appreciate how much of a time-saver they are for property owners and managers. Card op equipment is well built and sleek and will attract new patrons and increase profits. They will also offer a cleaner payment option in these unprecedented times. As a property manager, you will immediately benefit from increased security and the peace of mind you will gain from your remote access. Here at Commercial Laundries Fort Myers, we have the best card-operated laundry machines in Fort Myers at a competitive and affordable rate to get your laundry facility up and running. 

User Friendly 

A new system can often be intimidating, but you can rest assured that laundry will be a breeze with our new card-operated machines. Top manufacturers like Speed Queen, Maytag, and Whirlpool have come a long way and built user-friendly equipment for all generations to lessen the systems’ complexity.  


With the purchase of a smart card, your patrons can easily add credit to their account via cash, credit, or debit card. Residents then choose their machine and swipe their cards to pay for their desired cycle. Tenants can even connect with machines through their smartphones to view their laundry status and locate available machines. These features will increase the safety of your amenity and help avoid overcrowded laundry rooms. 


Card op washers and dryers are sleek and attractive and feature a large digital display for easy access. With easy-to-follow onscreen instructions, your residents can effortlessly customize their laundry experience and upgrade their cycles smoothly.  


With safety and health of the utmost importance, card-operated laundry equipment helps your laundry facility move toward a contactless and cashless laundry environment. By eliminating the need for coins and cash, patrons can pay for their laundry and activate machines with minimal contact for their own peace of mind. 


Many studies prove that patrons are more likely to upgrade or pay more for something when cash is not involved. Your residents will not only pay more for an updated system, but they are more likely to upgrade their wash and dry cycle if it means merely pushing a button.

Card operated systems also allow property managers to quickly adjust pricing and offer promotions and discounts from an online platform. Card op machines are customizable and adjustable, giving managers more control over pricing and the ability to upsell and increase revenue. You can conveniently track your profits and patron usage for full clarity over your laundry business with remote access. 


Card operated laundry machines in Fort Myers will make your laundry facility more profitable and safer. With the installation of card-operated equipment, property managers instantly and cost-effectively increase their security by eliminating cash and coins. A cash-free environment abolishes theft from coin vaults and temptation from using counterfeit or foreign currencies.  

Affordable Fort Myers Card Operated Laundry Machines 

When searching for card-operated laundry machines in Fort Myers, work with a company you can trust. Commercial Laundries has many purchasing options to ensure you get the best equipment for your facility without breaking the bank. We have new and used commercial laundry machines for sale that are from world-renowned manufactures. You can also choose to lease commercial laundry equipment with us and benefit from a customizable plan built for your unique laundry facility.  

Whether you choose to lease or buy commercial laundry machines in Fort Myers, we have you covered. Contact us today at (239) 307-0623 to find out more about Commercial Laundries Fort Myers card-operated laundry machines. 

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