Benefits of Cashless Laundry Services in Orlando and the Greater South Florida

July 12, 2022 | Categories: Cashless Laundry Payment Technology , Orlando

Benefits of Cashless Laundry Services in Orlando and the Greater South Florida

Home to countless hotels, apartments, multi-family buildings, mobile-home parks, nursing homes, fitness centers, and other communal or residential facilities that rely on a steady supply of fresh laundry, Orlando offers laundry services to business customers low and high. Today, many of these commercial property owners are adopting laundry equipment with cashless payment systems for staff and renters to utilize. With more cashless options for washers and dryers becoming available, businesses can enjoy the convenience and cost benefits of operating their own on-premise laundry facility. Here are a few listed benefits of owning or leasing card-operated machines on your property:

  Improve Convenience for Users

Many commercial properties like Orlando apartment complexes and mobile-home parks are switching from coin-laundry systems to card-operated laundry machines. In a bustling city like Orlando, which attracts tourists from all over the globe, laundry facilities and rental properties know that card-operated commercial laundry machines offer users a convenient method of payment with their smart-laundry experience. Users can save time and simply use the given laundry app, LaundryValue, to make transactions seamless.

  Attract More Customers

If your laundry business relies solely on coin-operated laundry machines, it’s likely losing customers to businesses that offer cashless laundry payment options. A cashless laundry facility can attract more customers in today’s cashless society and offer the convenience of top-quality top load washer and dryer combos. With cashless laundry payment systems, you can attract more customers to your property.

  Monitor Your Profits with Ease

Remote management teams can easily monitor their multi-housing laundry facilities with online payment systems. You can monitor your smart washing machines and other commercial laundry equipment from remote locations to easily calculate your payments and profits. The online payment system makes accessing your profits on equipment overview a breeze.

  Increase Your Revenue

Increase revenue from every commercial top-load washer and single-load dryer in your commercial laundry facility. Every stack washer and stack dryer in your facility that features cashless payment options can provide you with a significant revenue increase. This is because these machines attract more customers and deliver an improved laundry experience for them, that will keep them returning to your laundry facility. Add a single load washer or dryer with cashless payment functionality and discover the profits you’ll get, topping that of your coin slide Speed Queens.

When you replace your coin slide commercial, front load washer, and commercial rear control single dryer, you can enjoy endless benefits. Because of the enhanced functionality of smart commercial washers and dryers, you may also find it easier to live up to your eco-friendly community. Call Commercial Laundries today at 1.855.254.9274 to get a FREE quote on new or used laundry equipment today!

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