Apartment Used Coin-Op Laundry Equipment

August 27, 2015 | Categories: News

Apartment Used Coin-Op Laundry EquipmentIf you are the owner of a rental apartment complex or multi-housing rental property and are looking for a way to make tenants happy and earn extra revenue, we have an ideal solution for you! Consider installing used coin operated laundry equipment in your apartment complex and offering tenants an onsite laundry solution. In case you aren’t aware, according to a study by The National Multi Housing Council, almost 90 percent of renters consider an onsite laundry facility a top amenity when they are previewing properties. In addition, out of those interviewed for this study, having an onsite laundry area within the complex landed at the number three spot in the top twenty desired amenities list! This study offers a wealth of information to apartment property owners who are considering whether or not they should install a commercial laundry area on their premises. Doing so would be beneficial in a variety of ways. First, offering this amenity may help increase the number of rented units, while also improving tenant retention. In addition, it provides you an easy and affordable way to generate more revenue. Choosing used coin-op laundry equipment is the ideal choice for multi-housing property owners who want to take advantage of these benefits without going over budget.

Now that you know about the incredible tenant and monetary benefits an onsite facility can offer you, you may be curious how to get started. Purchasing or leasing apartment used coin-op laundry equipment is easy when you partner with the commercial laundry leaders in South Florida. The first step involves teaming you up with one of our skilled and trusted team members. He or she will analyze your space, your tenant demographic, the needs of both you and your tenants, and your budget. Evaluation of these aspects will help in determining which makes and models of used coin-op laundry equipment would be the best choice for your apartment complex. We have worked with a wide variety of properties that have different commercial laundry needs and require varying types of equipment. If you cater to a younger, more affluent demographic who are concerned with the environment and saving water and energy, we suggest considering our environment-conscious front loading washers and dryers. This type of equipment is also ADA compliant, which is ideal for tenants who have mobility issues. Our stackable used commercial laundry equipment is perfect for onsite laundry areas that are tight on space. Half the size of other equipment but powerful in all regards, these smaller machines get the job done. Traditional top loading equipment is also available for demographics that consist of larger families who have high amounts of laundry and need an affordable solution.

No matter which make and model you choose, selecting used coin-op laundry equipment is the best choice if you are on a strict budget. All of our used machines undergo a thorough inspection by our fulltime, certified technicians. You can rest assured these machines are in top working order, and unlike used laundry equipment from many outlets, our used machines come with a warranty! In addition, we only work with top name brands such as Whirlpool, Maytag and Speed Queen.

Once you have selected your makes and models for your apartment used coin-op laundry equipment, it will be time to discuss your coin collection options with our team members. Coin operated machines offer a reliable way for you to collect your revenue. If you have a hectic schedule and cannot collect coins on a regular basis, ask our team about high capacity coin vaults for your machines. Keep in mind, whichever size you choose, our coin vaults are solid, tamper proof and made with the latest technology.

Start earning revenue today and make your future and current tenants happy by installing apartment used coin-op laundry equipment.

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