Apartment Laundry Card Systems in Miami

July 21, 2022 | Categories: Laundry Equipment , Smart Laundry , Uncategorized

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Are you ready to bring your coin-operated laundry equipment into the future? If your Miami apartment building or complex features on-premises laundry facilities, you can upgrade your commercial laundry machines with digital payment technology. A coin-operated laundry machine requires customers to save and carry around coins, which might be a bit of a burden. Although coin-laundry equipment continues to be in use, businesses and commercial property owners are beginning to switch to App operated laundry equipment to satisfy customers’ preferences. With a smart-laundry payment system, you and your customers can enjoy many benefits.

  Safer Multi-Housing Vended Laundry Facilities

A cashless laundry facility is generally safer than one filled with coin-operated laundry equipment. Since digital laundry payment systems don’t accept cash or coins, there’s no money available for thieves to steal in your laundry facility. You can ensure your multi-housing property safety by switching coin-laundry payment systems to laundry card and app payment option machines.

  Improve Laundry Equipment Convenience for Users

Card-operated washing machines and stack dryers are more convenient for residents of Miami apartments to use. In a tech-savvy city like Miami, many residents prefer digital laundry payment systems so they don’t have to save coins or trade-in cash for coins at their bank. With digital washers and dryers, users load funds to their laundry unit smart cards right from their smartphone or tablet from their bank or payment source. The process is secure and convenient and will ensure your laundry facility is the booming business it deserves.

  Convenience for Multi-Housing Laundry Property Owners

Card-operated laundry equipment is the more convenient choice for property owners. Repairing the coin slides of commercial washers and dryers will soon be a thing of the past. Plus, with the digital payment system, there’s no need to empty coins from each coin-operated machine, saving you time. With cashless laundry systems, you as the property owner can transfer your earned funds right to your bank and into any account you choose. You will no longer have to remove any money from your industrial laundry equipment by hand because there is none; all laundry payments are online.

  Easily Change Pricing of Your Speed Queen Commercial Laundry Machines

Adjust pricing for your card-operated laundry equipment online. A digital laundry system is controlled at any time remotely via your smart handheld devices. Are your current residents complaining because your premise laundry facility is too busy on weekends? Are they asking you to install more commercial laundry equipment into your buildings? Cut your pricing in half on Mondays and Tuesdays to encourage residents to do laundry on less-busy days and free up your laundry machines for weekend users. You drive an incentive to your residents and manage your laundry facilities seamlessly this way.

  Monitor Your On-Premise Laundry with a Digital Managed Laundry System

As stated before, with cashless laundry machines there’s no need to empty coin-operated washing machines and single dryers to count each coin and determine your earnings per machine in a week. With the smart technology of digital payments, you can access the client portal and review how much money each piece of commercial laundry equipment is earning for you at any given time. Each commercial washer and dryer that accepts smart cards can be monitored remotely. You’ll be able to check into the system whenever it’s convenient, allowing you to manage revenue sharing and fund transfers with ease.

Now is an excellent time for Miami apartment buildings, mobile-home parks, or condo property owners to update their commercial laundry equipment with digital laundry payment systems. When residents can operate laundry equipment with a laundry card, they’ll love the convenience and so will you. Contact Commercial Laundries Miami today at 1.855.254.9274 to get a free quote on new or used laundry equipment available to buy or lease.

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